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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "So the guys that did not practice today are (DT) Antonio Dixon. He has an abdominal strain. These guys are all day-to-day, so I haven't made up my mind which ones, if all, will travel. But as of today they're traveling and we'll just see what happens. And they're all questionable here. So Antonio Dixon, abdominal strain. (DE Juqua Parker) with a hip flexor strain. And then (CB) Asante (Samuel) with a knee sprain. (They're) all making improvement and we'll just see how they do. Everybody else practiced today and did a nice job."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Chicago Bears. And it should be a great atmosphere at Soldier Field and I know our guys have worked very, very hard this week, even with the schedule the way it sat this week with Thanksgiving. They worked through it and had a good practice today coming off of Thanksgiving yesterday. So again, we look forward to this challenge."

On what he will look for from the day-to-day guys to make sure they are ready to play: "Well, we'll just see how they feel. They're going to, and they have been in (head athletic trainer) Rick's (Burkholder) area there quite a little bit. So they came back last night and they got treatment and got it yesterday morning. So we'll see how they do and how they progress. I think all three of them, well Dixon practiced during the week, but the other two are veteran guys so I don't think that's a problem if it gets to where they feel that they can go."

On whether Parker may just need some time to rest since his hip flexor keeps acting up: "You know, listen, we're just going to take it day by day. We've pulled it all off where he's gotten this week's rest and it's helped him. So we'll just see how he makes out here in the next little bit."

On whether when he says day by day if he factors in a short week next week: "You can't do that. You can't do that. I know what you're saying. But this is a good football team we're playing. I have a lot of trust in the guys that would step in for them if needed. But at the same time it's that time of year where if you can go, you go and as long as you're safe there."

On whether Dixon getting mental reps at practice today is an indication that he is close to being ready to play: "He felt better today than he did yesterday. So he made a big jump from yesterday to today. So you know I'm optimistic. But yeah, I would say that he was out there to get the mental reps and make sure he knew what he was doing there."

On whether DT Brodrick Bunkley will start if Dixon can't play due to injury: "Yeah. Bunkley's been playing anyway. They rotate anyway. So it's not a big deal."

On Samuel's progress today compared to yesterday: "He's doing better. He's feeling a little bit better today. (He's) still not 100 percent, so that's why we listed him where we listed him. But we'll just see how he does here."

On whether there is something about Soldier Field which makes it a tough place to play: "Yeah, well listen, I've said this to the players. This is a great matchup against old companies here, between the Eagles and the Bears. We have a lot of history there and Soldier Field, I had an opportunity for seven years to play there when I was at Green Bay and then came here and it's like I'm still at Green Bay, it seems like we play them once a year down there. But it's just a great atmosphere. And you get a little wind, you get a little cold, turf's a little slick because of the weather situations and they pack in the fans and you get a little bit of that brat smoke around and it's just good stuff, man. It's a good football atmosphere to play in."

On whether he has confidence that the offense can operate in tough conditions against a tough, physical style of football: "Well, I think so. I mean I would tell you that the NFC East isn't chopped liver when it comes to black and blue football. So it's pretty physical football and so is the (NFC North) there. So we understand that and it should be just a good football game."

On whether he has confidence in CB Joselio Hanson if he starts: "We did a new deal for him last year. So we felt good about him. He's had opportunities to fill in at the corner spot as a starter and done a nice job. And then he's our starting nickelback. So we obviously have a lot of confidence in him and feel good about him being in there, if needed."

On whether Hanson will go back to nickel if Samuel can play: "Yeah, we'll see how that operates."

On who would be the nickelback if Hanson starts at the cornerback position: "Well, we have a couple different packages. And so, we can mix and match a couple different people in there."

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