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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Alright really, the injury report is kind of short here. So, (T) King Dunlap will be out as will (CB) Ellis Hobbs. Both of them are making improvement. We'll just see how they go for next week. (DT Brodrick) Bunkley practiced today. Well, everybody else practiced today and is ready to go."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to, again, the challenge of playing the Colts. They're obviously one of the top teams in the National Football League. And those are always the ones that are just, you get that schedule and you see the Colts on there, and man you mark that son of a gun off because you know it's going to be a heck of a football game. And I know all of our guys are fired up for it, as they will be coming in here. So it should be a great atmosphere for a football game. I know our fans will be that twelfth man when our defense is out there on the field and they'll keep it nice and loud and welcome the Colts in the Philly way."

On whether he expects Bunkley to play and how he will use him: "Well, right now I do. We'll see how he is tomorrow. He's gone through, you know the last three days, he's been good and practice was good here, so we'll just see. We'll see how it all works out."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson will play: "Yeah, listen, I always leave that open when you're dealing with concussions. But he had a great practice and he's been feeling well and ready to roll. So we'll just see, again, I keep those open."

On whether barring any setbacks Jackson will play:"Yeah."

On whether Jackson will return punts:"Yeah. He's been practicing that, yeah."

On whether they can avoid over defending the pass and letting the run beat them similar to the last Eagles/Colts game in 2006:"Both sides ran the ball well in that game, and offensively they ran the ball and so did we. So when you play a good football team you have to make sure that you're strong in both areas and that's the way we approach it."

On whether his previous matchups with the Colts stick with him and whether he looks back at those games:"Well, you go back and you study them. Listen, we're all competitive guys. When we go into these games we go in – and I'll tell you all games – we go in wanting to win the game and do everything possible that we can. I've got a different team, as they do with the exception of (QB) Peyton (Manning). Fortunately for Peyton, I'm not playing in the game."

On whether it's Manning's mental preparation that separates him from other quarterbacks:"He handles it the right way. He's done that since he's been in the league and he did it at the college level. He spends a tremendous amount of time at his job studying and he gets his players involved with it, the ones around him, and makes sure that they're on the same page with him. That's not selling their coaches short. Clyde (Christensen), their offensive coordinator, does a phenomenal job as does (senior offensive assistant) coach (Tom) Moore. They've got great coaches there, but Peyton absorbs it all and does a very nice job."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson needs to get hit in order for him to get comfortable again:"No, I think he'll be fine going in. He's not going to try to get hit. (With) our skill guys, (you) do what you can so they can score. The hitting part I don't set that up."

On his evaluation of the pass rush at this point in the season:"Well, they're putting up some pretty good numbers there, the (defensive) linemen. I think they're doing a good job. Can they get better? Absolutely. They've been doing a pretty good job there."

On whether the offense will need time to get acclimated with the return of Jackson, QB Michael Vick and LT Jason Peters: "Well, you don't want that to be the case, so we're practicing for that not to happen and the players are tremendous. They're focused in and practiced so that doesn't happen that you can kind of jump start and get in there. The reality on Sunday of what happens, we'll just have to see. That's not the way we go about it. We expect the guys to come in and they expect themselves to be able to do the same."

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