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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "(LB) Stewart Bradley is out. (QB) Michael Vick and really the rest of the guys that I mention are questionable, they did not practice today. So Michael Vick, he'll obviously be a stretch here; he still has a quad contusion. (T) Winston Justice did not practice today, (it's) his knee. (WR) Desean Jackson, foot sprain, didn't practice. Trevor Laws with the shoulder, and Asante with the knee. So they're all making progress, we'll just have to see. This is a short week. Everybody else practiced and did well."

Opening remarks:"I thought the guys from just the short period of time we had to get ready for the Cowboys have done a good job. (QB) Kevin's (Kolb) taking the reps there at the quarterback position and he's done a good job with that. And again, the bottom line is it's the Cowboys versus the Eagles and those are always exciting games. And like I said, I thought our guys had a couple good days of practice and we'll be ready to roll."

On whether limited practice and a short week affects how deep a gameplan can go:"Well, I mean, the one plus is that both teams played each other just a few weeks back here, couple weeks ago, so we didn't run everything there and I'm sure they didn't run everything. So there's some things that you can go back and pull out of the old gameplan and there's some things that carry over from gameplan to gameplan, so the game we just played."

On whether he values momentum or health of players more with a playoff spot clinched:"The players, you know, if they can't play I'm not going to throw them in there, that's not what I'm going to do. But if they can go, then they go and we'll just see how all of that plays out."

On Vick's health compared to Tuesday night and whether he will play this weekend: "Well, I think it will be a stretch for him to play in this game, here. So he has that quad contusion, but he's making progress every day, he's been in with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and getting everything done that he needs to do and exhausting that part of it. Like I said, he's making progress and that's a plus."

On whether Vick needs to change his style of play in order to protect himself from taking a lot of hits: "This one, this did happen on a run; this was a little different one, this wasn't a big hit or any of that. Actually, it was just somebody's elbow caught him, and he wears a slide pad, but it caught him in between the slide pad and the knee pad, so kind of a freak deal. But I think he's been doing better at getting down and he's been working on getting out of bounds, doing those things so this wouldn't happen. This one actually he was diving down and he got out of the way of a big hit, he just got caught with an elbow."

On whether it is important to see a sharper, crisper team on Sunday:"Yeah, listen, and that was the disappointing part of the last game, that we had too many penalties, substitutions were off, and that's my responsibility to get that right. And so, we're aware of that now, now we just have to make sure we do it right and get it straight."

On his thoughts about how Kolb has handled the quarterback situation this season:"You know what, I think he's done a phenomenal job. He's a very competitive guy and nobody wants to play more than he wants to play. I guess I would say thank goodness he and Michael have the relationship they have, the friendship they have, and they're both wired the way they're wired, so they're both big fans of each other. But at the same time, when Michael wasn't playing I would say the same thing, he wanted to play and you wouldn't want it any other way as a coach, but they've just handled, and Kevin in this case, but Kevin's handled it I think with a lot of class."

On Kolb getting reps in practice: "I think that's a good thing and the thing you know about him is that he's going to be fired up if he gets that opportunity. And the way he's handled practices here, he's just been very sharp."

On whether the league when scheduling first round playoff games is taking the Eagles past game schedule into consideration: "I think so, I'm sure they do that, I'm sure they do. But there's nothing that you can say, or you could say it, but they're going to do what they have to do. But they're aware of it, the crazy schedule, there. I'm sure they're taking it into consideration."

On whether he anticipates any starters who are not on the injury report to not play at all: "Well, there are two, Bradley, then I think Michael's going to be a stretch. The other guys are getting better."

On whether the guys that are banged up but not hurt are going to play: "They're all prepping to play. Your roster's not big enough where you can – you have to be careful."

On what rookie LB Jamar Chaney had to do to show him that he was ready to play and whether it was more physical or mental: "That's a good question. It's a combination of both. You have to be able to handle the load of the offense or defense, and then you physically have to execute. So you have to have both."

On whether Chaney has a lot going through his mind:"Oh yeah, because of the experience, but that counts and he's handled it well."

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