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GM Howie Roseman

On what he is looking for from newly acquired CB Kevin Thomas: "This is a big corner that can run and he was with the (Indianapolis) Colts last year and he played some. He started some games for them and has played some cover two. We think he can go press and is instinctive. We scouted him at USC and he'll come compete with our other corners and add competition to that spot."

On the thinking behind acquiring another cornerback in a deep defensive backfield: "Well for us it was just about the value. They were looking for some linebackers and we also want to see more of our young linebackers so those guys get a great opportunity here. We just felt like it was a win-win situation for us and for the Colts. We'll get another guy. We are always looking for corners and linemen; that is something we will always be on the lookout for. Then the opportunity to also get a draft pick involved as well."

On the opportunity to make two trades with Colts GM Ryan Grigson in the past two weeks: "I think you get someone there who you talk to every day and then you just try to figure things out. Another thing with this three day rule is that you may see a little bit more player for player movement so guys can get a guy at a position they need quicker. Obviously that relationship helps and we are able to talk about things. We know that we will shoot each other straight because he is one of my closest friends. At the same time we are going to try to find win win situations and I wouldn't be surprised if there were to be more action to come eventually and maybe down the road."

On whether Thomas can play the nickel cornerback spot: "I haven't seen him play nickel so I couldn't tell you that it is something that we project him yet to do. We'll see once he gets here if he can do it and go from there."

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