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Game Vs. Vikings: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: "On the injury front, Dan Klecko with a shoulder contusion. He will have a MRI tomorrow. (Mike) McGlynn had a hamstring strain, he will have a MRI in the morning. Greg Lewis rolled his ankle before the game. He came back and played in the game. He will also have a MRI in the morning. Other than that we have some guys that are beat up a little bit for a physical football game. I think we will be alright there. I thought both teams played very good defense. I was proud, obviously the way our defense played in the second half, shutting out the Vikings.

"It became very important as the game went on. We had some big plays on sides of the ball from Asante (Samuel), Brian Westbrook, and DeSean Jackson. I thought Jason Avant played well, like he has all season. But, he played extremely good today. Sav (Rocca) and David (Akers), I thought hit the ball very well today. It is good to get out of here with a victory against a very solid football team. I am proud of Brad and the other coaches on the job they have done here. It was quite a battle right here. We are going to get ourselves back here as quickly as we can and get healed up to be ready to play next week. The time is yours."

Andy, you mentioned how your defense shut them out in the second half, but how badly did you need that touchdown from Westbrook?"We needed it. We haven't utilized the screen game much prior to that. They were flying up the field and Brian hit that sun of gun. He got a little blocking out there and then he hit it. He is tough to stop once he gets out there."

Talk about Brian Westbrook's game today after being shut out and then making a big play? "Well, he can do so many different things as it is hard to stop him. With all the different parts of the game he does…he is so smart how does things, too. I should mention the tight ends. I thought our tight ends did well too. I thought (Brent) Celek had a nice game."

This was one possession game going into the fourth quarter and couple of those games got away from you earlier in the season. As you start the fourth quarter, how important was it for your defense to play well? "It was a good to see the character of our football team in the fourth quarter. That is a good question because I thought it was important. I didn't see any panic or reservation not to play aggressive football. I thought the coordinators did an extremely good job sticking with the game plan. They made small adjustments in there, but I thought they did a nice job."

You dug yourself out of some serious holes in this game and it seemed you were getting to the line with eight or nine seconds. Was that something you guys worked on?"Well, it is loud here. Everything slows down time wise when it is loud. So, it is important you don't get the penalties, which we didn't do. So, we did a good job in there today."

Did you want to run more inside with Pat Williams out today? "We attempted to. We didn't do a great job with it. We did attempt to go inside a little bit and we were somewhat successful."

Was it difficult to stick with Brian Westbrook as he wasn't breaking anything and having a lot of success? Was it difficult to keep feeding the ball to him? "Was it difficult to do that? No, somewhere he is going to hit one. He had a couple of nice ones down the stretch there. No, it is touch. You still have to mix it up and play the game, which I thought we did a good job."

Did they blitz more than you have seen them blitz? "They blitzed quite a bit. When I say blitz, it wasn't all man blitz. There was a lot of fire zone blitz in there. I thought Leslie (Frazier) did a extremely good job there."

How did your quarterback do against the blitz?"He looked so calm. I thought he just hung in there a few times. He made some huge throws, particularly when we didn't have the field position. We were able to turn it around there. He played well. He managed the game well."

Talk about the special teams today. It seemed you really took control of the game and that might have been it? "I thought we did OK on special teams. I thought we played pretty well as I don't know if dominating is the right word. But, DeSean had some nice returns and I thought our guys were blocking well. Our kickoffs were okay, we could have done better on those."

Is it that difficult to play this physical of game and come back and play next week against another physical team? "That is the name of the game in the playoffs. Every week is physical because every week you are playing the cream of the crop."

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