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Game Vs. Titans: Eagles Locker Room


On frustration of losing red zone fumble: It's always frustrating when you have a turnover. But it's all about adversity. We tried to overcome it, but obviously we didn't.

On overall performance by offensive line in game: Overall, we played pretty good. But when it matters in the fourth quarter of a game and we're a point down, we have to take advantage of the situation.


On scoring his first NFL touchdown: I'm glad to get it out of the way, to be honest with you. I got the ball and everything. It was basically just a go route. Kevin (Kolb) put it out there and I just went and got it. When my number was called, I made the play. It felt good.


On Eagles' coverage on Kenny Britt's long touchdowns:It was a soft-two coverage. We had a flat route and I think it was a seven route by him. That coverage is supposed to shift over as we see that. I have to hold off the seven a little bit longer for Nate (Allen) to get over the top and then come down on the tight end. They just kept running that route. Every different way I played it, they did the opposite of what I was thinking. The bottom line is, we just have to make plays. We're in position, for the most part. We just didn't make plays.

On his performance in the game: It was just one of those days for me, as a physical guy and a guy who tries to get position, that every time you roll the dice, you crap out. The coverages I'm normally covering right, the plays I'm usually making, it just wasn't there today. Regardless, as a human, as a player, as a professional, you can't get too high and you can't get too low. You take it for what it is. We lost the game. Get back in the film room and on to week eight.


On Kenny Britt's performance: He had a tremendous game and my hat is off to him. We knew we were going to see him at some point. Obviously, we didn't expect him, I'm sure he had a career day today. It's frustrating.

On containing Collins in the first half and the changes in the second: We stayed after him, especially in the first half. In the second half, he started throwing it up to 18, letting him make plays. We had guys in the areas; we just got to make the plays. I think that's what really happened.


On the big hit in the first half on Chris Johnson and if he is worried about getting fined: Nah! I didn't try to hit him in the head, but as far as I know, what my teammates telling me, I hit my own teammate.

On the NFL enforcing the fines: I just play football. I can't afford to be playing hesitant because the second I play hesitant, someone going to try to take my head off. I just go out there a play football.

On the play with the actual hit: I pretty much saw him fighting for extra yards. I just came across and try to hit him, tried to knock him out of bounds.

On the Titans' 27 points in the 4th quarter: It hurt bad. I feel like we had the game. The team I play with, we're real good. Just to see us go down like that, I know we're better than that.

On the Titans quick offensive turnaround: Big plays. That is how you get defeated like that. Big plays and turnovers.

On Britt being open: Miscommunication. Playing defense, especially in a hostile environment, where everybody has to be on the same page, if not stuff like that is going to happen.


On the second half and changes in the Titans passing game: Didn't see anything differently. Number 18 didn't play the first quarter and you know he came in the second half and made some big plays. He helped his team win. DBs, we just got to get it together and figure something out.

On Britt being open, was it his read routes or miscommunication in the secondary: I don't know. We got to look at the film, go over everything, see how, or what was the negatives. Correct them. That's what it's about in the NFL. Correcting your mistakes and not making the same mistakes twice, get back to square one.

On moving him over to cover Britt: About six, seven minutes left, I was going to go over and cover him, but, we didn't have enough time.


On Britt's performance in the second: We just have to make plays when we need to and a lot of that was me. Just have to make plays when it's needed.

On Britt's first touchdown: Just got out of position and he made a play and that was all me.

On Titans' passing game opening up: I mean, when they started clicking with him (Britt), I mean, I am pretty sure they just decided to keep going at him. He was hot, he got hot, we just got to make plays, I've got to make plays when it's needed.

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