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Game Vs. Texans: QB Matt Schaub

On the calls the officials made: "I mean, you can't really sit here and talk about what should have been with the penalties and the officials and everything. It is really not my call. I just know that I can play the game and there were certain things going on that weren't being called that as a player, when you watch games in and around the league, are always called. Its very frustrating when you know you have plays to be made and there are penalties that are going on during and throughout the game that could change the game."

On Houston's comeback and late blown lead: "They are a good team and this is a tough place to play. We got ourselves down early and they moved the ball and kept us off the field in the beginning of the game. We had a good plan and we just kept fighting through it and finally we made some plays against a very good defense and a very good team, but it just wasn't enough during crunch time in the fourth quarter."

On his thrown interception: "Well, it was a screen play call and the defensive lineman made the play and I just tried to get it up and over him and he just made the play."

On how the missed penalties effect the game: "Well, it's just the way the league is. Games within games within a season you are going to face adversity during the flow of the game and you just have to go out on the next play. You can't think about the plays that happened or that could have been. You just have to move on to the next one."

On the play of the team in the second half: "We didn't make the plays in the fourth quarter. We came out of the locker room like gang-busters, moving up and down the field. We had some long drives and finished with touchdowns, took the lead, but it just wasn't enough. We didn't make the plays in the fourth quarter to give us the lead again once they had scored and eventually it wasn't enough."

On where the Texans are at this point in the season: "It wasn't the way we planned things to go when we were looking at the season in the beginning of the year, but this time we have to move forward. We have four games to play and we have a little time before we play Baltimore and we just have to regroup and be ready to go out and win all four of them, but it just starts with our sixth win coming up against Baltimore."

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