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Game Vs. Texans: K David Akers

On what it means having the most games played in Eagles history: "It's been an absolute blessing to be a part of Philadelphia sports this long. The town has changed me. It's been such a blessing to our family, I've got two kids here and it shows to me a lot of loyalty from the Eagles. They gave me an opportunity when a lot of teams didn't and they stuck by me in some times when I didn't do as well, and I will always have gratitude for them. It's an emotional thing for me, because 12 years went in a blink of an eye. I'm just extremely thankful and I just thank God for giving me this opportunity to be able to give back to the community when they've been so great to me."

On what the milestone means especially after making a couple field goals and that the team got the win: "Winning felt great. I had my family here and they had a big '184' up in the section. To be on the same list as Harold Carmichael, Brian Dawkins, Chuck Bednarik and Randall Cunningham. To have more games than those guys in the organization is one of the things some guys have to go back and pinch themselves. I have no other words than to say, I thank God for the blessings Philadelphia has given my family."

On how he feels about playing as well as he has now at this stage of his career: "I feel that I work hard, I got a great group of strength coaches that help me and I never want to lose my job, because I'm lazy and not performing and because I didn't give it my all. I want to fail giving it a hundred percent. I'm just extremely happy to be here for that long and I'm thankful for the organization for allowing me to be here for that length of time. It doesn't happen, especially in today's football. You're usually here for a couple of years and move around. To have my family planted here for 12 years in one place is just amazing."

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