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Game Vs. Steelers: QB Michael Vick

On why the fumbles are still happening:"I wish I could tell you, but I don't have any explanation."

On being in danger of talking too much about the fumbles:"We're taking all the positives away from this game. We fought hard, I thought the team played great throughout. It was a tale of two halves and that's pretty much the story."

On thinking differently during the fourth quarter go-ahead drives:"I'm just trying to win. At the end of the day, I just want to win football games. Whatever it takes. However many downs, whether its four downs or three, I'm just trying to win. Find a way to get our team in a position where we could win the football game."

On being prepared for the Steelers after facing a similar defense against the Arizona Cardinals:"I think we did a great job. You play against teams who have great schemes but sometimes they're going to get you. In the game of football you can't be perfect on every play. You're not going to do everything right. If that was the case, I'd be sitting here with a different set of emotions."

On the difference between the turnovers Sunday after not fumbling against the Giants:"I mean it's football. Things happen. I wish I could take back the fumble on the goal line, but I can't. Ultimately we put ourselves in a position to win this game, but we didn't win. That's how it goes in the NFL. You wish you could have some things back, and there are plenty of things I wish I could have back through the course of this season, but you can't get them."

On whether every team will be stripping the ball every time:"I will do a better job of protecting the football. The fumble on the goal line, the guy just put his helmet on a good spot, he put his helmet right on the ball. I tried to protect it, but it came out, and I can't do anything about it."

On his emotions:"Right now, I'm not really frustrated; I'm more hurt than anything that we didn't pull it out. I'm proud of my teammates and they battled on both sides of the ball. There are a lot of positives that you can take away from this. There are a lot of small things that we have to clean up and that we have to get corrected. We can't let that happen week in and week out the turnovers, but the good thing is that we fought."

On whether winning the way the Eagles have been is sustainable:"We need to score more points. We need to help our defense out. And we try to as best as we can. Pittsburgh is a good football team. Their record might not have shown that going into this day but they are a good team, and we played a good game. There was a two-point difference in the game. That's what happens."

On how no-huddles, quick-drops and shorter runs help get the offense on form:"I think it helped get us into a rhythm. Doing the things that we know, dunking the ball off, dictating what we wanted the defense to play and it was part of the reason we brought the ball downfield. The offensive line did a great job protecting it and converting on some fourth downs and we have to give them a lot of credit. Lot of things to learn from, lot of positives in this game, and a lot of things to clean up."

On whether he would like to do more of it:"It all depends. It all depends on how we scheme, what the defense dictates going into that week. This one is going to burn for a minute."

On whether the turnovers are byproducts of the way he plays:"No, that's been my style, and I never had a problem with fumbling before. It was one of those things. Everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to be, I wouldn't have fumbled the ball at the goal line. But I have no explanation for it."

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