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2024 Schedule Release

Philadelphia Eagles News

Game Vs. Steelers: Head Coach Mike Tomlin


Opening statement:
"We know you guys saw that. We lost to just about every element of that match up.  It was a poor performance by us. But when I say us, I mean all of us. It starts with me. They out-coached us; they out-played us. They were better fundamentally; tackling and so forth. We were highly penalized. We didn't get it done today and they did. I would be remised if I didn't acknowledge that as a big element of it. They performed at a high level today and I tip my cap to those guys and congratulate them on the victory.  We have work to do, obviously, and we will. We will start with evaluating and taking accountability for the things that we did in that game or the things that we didn't do and we will do that. From an injury standpoint we had a number of deals.   [LB Ryan] Shazier aggravated his MCL. [SS] Robert Golden had a hamstring.  [LG] Roman Foster got a chest and an elbow, I don't know which one.  [RLB Lawrence] Timmons has a lower leg injury. He went to the hospital; from what I understand he is on his way back.  [WR] Eli Rogers has a foot injury. [FS] Mike Mitchell has a knee injury that is being evaluated. But those injuries aren't the reason why we didn't perform. We had 11 on the grass on every snap. The 11 on the grass didn't get it done.  We accept responsibility for that. I would be happy to address any questions you might have."

On the team's defensive struggles:
"We allowed some drives to continue there in early portions of the game; either through miss-tackling or some penalties. Once it became a multiple score game, they were just free-wheeling and they were able to spin the dial a little bit and we couldn't find a rhythm necessary to create the rest in them. The initial stages of the game we need to do a better job tackling; penalties kept a few drives alive; that type of thing."

On thoughts of Carson Wentz:
"He did a nice job executing their offense in the similar ways he did the first two games. Like I said leading up to the week, he's done an awesome job. They've also done an awesome job of managing him and managing that group. Their screen game was exceptional. I think he threw for 300 yards but I imagine 150 of it were screens to backs and tight-ends. It wasn't the ball going over our head or broken plays. That's the function of how they play. They did a nice job, but we have to be better. When we get people behind the chains we have to get better versus the screen game. That's been consistent over the course of the first three weeks. I tip my cap to them but I acknowledge some areas that are showing a pattern of inconsistency or a pattern of undesirable performance. We have to be better versus the screen game."

On why he thinks the patterns are continuing:
"We're just not performing. We have to perform better."

On missed tackles:
"It's an element of it but when I'm talking about missed tackles, I'm talking about globally speaking. I wasn't specifically talking about the screen game."

On running the ball inefficiently:
"They got after us. We have to have a better plan. We have to execute the plan better. They had a better plan and they executed their plan better. It's simple, really."

On poor defense:
"They out-performed us. I don't know how many ways I can reiterate that. Offense, defense, and special teams."

On the large-deficit loss:
"Obviously that's not the type of ball we want to play. We play and play to win. We don't play to lose competitively. A loss is a loss. It stings, but it probably stings just the same if it was 3 points because we come here with one agenda and that's to play winning football. Obviously we didn't do that today."

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