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Game Vs. Steelers: Eagles Offense

T Tra Thomas

On what didn't work offensively: "A little bit of everything. We couldn't really get the ball down the field with the run game and then we had some breakdowns in pass protection. So there are a lot of things that we are going to have to correct, but we're glad that we hung in to get this win."

On how the team rallied with Brian Westbrook leaving so early: "We had to just man up pretty much. Whoever is back there, try to do something to help the running back that is running the ball and open up some holes for him."

On being nervous about Donovan McNabb not coming out for the start of the second half: "We didn't know right until we were getting ready to hit the field so that's just something you have to just go through. If there's another quarterback coming in we still have to do the same job and try to keep him clean."

On whether he felt Brian Westbrook stepping on the back of his leg: "I kind of did, but you're in the game, you really don't pay attention to all that."

On the situation with center Jamaal Jackson, losing his brother in a car accident last week and having him play today: "I think (center) Jamaal (Jackson) did a great job. It must have taken a lot of strength to play especially Monday night after just finding out about his brother and then coming back from his funeral yesterday and coming and playing. I think he did a great job and just stepping in and doing whatever he needs to do for the team. I know for us it was a little selfish on our behalf because you understand that he's going through something and you want him to be here. We did whatever we could on our behalf to just keep him focused on the game and keep his mind off other things."

WR Hank Baskett

On the game: "It was a slugfest. We knew that this was a physical, physical team and we were going to have to come out because it was going to go down to the end. They're going to punch and we're going punch right back. Thankfully we got the last punch in and we were able to give them a knockout blow and come out with the victory."

On having numerous offensive players getting hurt over the course of the game: "It was definitely a big blow, trust me. They snuck a couple punches in right there but that's what we love about this team. The coaches are confident in everybody that they have on their team, it doesn't matter who goes in or who goes down, they're confident that they can put someone in there and they can go out there and make things happen. Hopefully (RB Brian) Westbrook is okay, I don't know anything on that but it was awesome to see (QB) Donovan (McNabb) battle back and come out there and continue to make plays like he didn't miss a step."

On his productive day: "I was able to get open fortunately tonight. I made a couple things happen, but it just comes down to (QB) Donovan (McNabb). (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is the one putting the ball in and it goes back to the (offensive) line and the running backs because they're giving (McNabb) time. If you give (McNabb) time, he's dangerous. Of course anybody can go out there and get open with (QB) Donovan (McNabb) having that much time to get you the ball."

WR DeSean Jackson

On playing after Monday night's game: "Monday passed so we just came back to work and put in a lot of hard work. We knew it was a short work this week and we knew we were playing a very physical team offensively and defensively. Whatever we needed to do to get the win, we fought hard and we pulled it out."

On the play of the defense today: "Those guys were out there bringing it to their offense and (QB Ben) Roethlisberger, he had a tough one, so that was the biggest thing to have keep pressure on him. Our offense, we just had to do what we had to do to win. It was a tough game. I'm realizing now it's the NFL so, any way you can get the win, they don't come easy, so you just have to be happy with it."

RB Correll Buckhalter

On the entire backfield leaving the game: "It was the first time of being part of that, but at this point you really can't think about that. You have to focus on the task at hand and that's getting out there and playing to the best of your ability."

On the first possession of the second half without Donovan McNabb: "Actually I didn't know, I just heard coach Marty (Mornhinweg) telling us that Kevin is up so we just, you know, me and Lorenzo just went in and got some handoffs from him to show that we're in the game with him so that if he handed off to us there wouldn't be any mistakes."

On him having more carries after today's performance: "I didn't think about that because we have other good players on this team, we're going to pass the ball, too. Like I said, whatever opportunity is given to me I'm going to make the best of it. It's simple as that."

On the leap in the end zone: "Man, when you're playing football you just let your athleticism take over. I don't think about things before I do it, I just do it."

P Sav Rocca

On his adjustments from last year: "It's been good because I had never played a game before last year and coming here I just had to find my feet. I found, after ten or so games last year, my rhythm and I really settled down, with the game settling down. I could see how I was setting up and it really helped and I think that I have picked up from that point last year. Last year was pretty much a learning curve for me and here on in I just want to keep improving and getting better."

On his ability to punt the ball where he wants it: "Well, I mean you try and sometimes all it takes is two degrees to the left and it goes in the end-zone. You can get it within five or ten yards and sometimes they just don't work out but tonight it did, so it was good."

On how wind affects his kicks: "Well it's always great with no wind. You know where the ball is going to land on your foot; it's not lying across your body so that's great."

On the different kinds of kicks common for punter: "It depends on where you are. Sometimes you just want to get it long and wide and sometimes you don't have to put your whole leg into it and you just need it to get to a certain area. It's two different kicks there, but if you can come out with the same result it's awesome."

On his importance to the team: "At halftime I thought I was going to have an easy one but I ended up having five by the end. It was good, I really felt like I contributed and had a good feeling out there."

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