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Game Vs. Steelers: Eagles Defense/ST

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On whether or not the tragic death of Garrett Reid becomes a rallying point for the team: "I don't know. Obviously we have our goals apart from anything else. We just want to remember Garrett for who he was and all of that. I don't know how much of that will cross with football."

On how the team feels about Andy Reid as head coach and if there is a special bond between him and the players: "I don't know. I think from what I know from the players I've talked to, those guys love him. Obviously, I don't know the general feel from everybody, but you would think everybody loves him — He's been a loyal coach; he's been a father figure to a lot of the players here. Just the way he runs this program is very strict, but it's endearing at the same time, but we all love him."

DT Fletcher Cox

On the play of the defense in general: "Yeah, we struggled at first, but in the end we came together as one. We finished the game the way we wanted."

On if this game was how he envisioned what it would be like playing in the NFL: "Oh yeah. You train and work all the hard hours to know to expect the unexpected. So, it's never surprising."

LB Mychal Kendricks

On his emotions leading up to playing in his first NFL game: "We had a team prayer in the back of the locker room. I just really got emotional, praying to God. I'm so blessed to be here, to be playing here and to play for the Eagles. To just sit here and play a game I can actually say I did it even if something bad happens and I don't play a down again. I can say I played in the NFL. It's just surreal."

On what he feels like the team needs to work on: "I think we have to working on securing our gaps instead of just trying to make every play. We just need to take care of our responsibilities first. I think first game, guys go out there and were hyped up and we wanted to do more than what we should have been. All we have to do is do our job and not try to make every play. That was the first game; second game we're going to be even better."

CB Brandon Boykin

On whether he was surprised with his effectiveness tonight given that the team cannot go live during training camp: "I expected it. That just kind of came from film study. Like you said, we could simulate it in practice, but just knowing where people would be and knowing the tendency of the kickers and things like that, you know, you could really set yourself up for success and I think we did that."

On the possibility of he and WR Damaris Johnson becoming an explosive combination of returners: "Yeah, you know, that's what we were talking about before the game. We have to come out and make a good impression as rookies starting off the year as starters on kick and punt returns. I'm proud of him and I think he's proud of me. We're going to continue to critique each other and move forward. Hopefully we'll be good."

On how the speed of the game was defensively: "I felt like it was pretty similar to practice, you know, from me being able to practice with the ones when we go one versus two. I think that helps. Like I said, it's pretty similar. Once I kind of got my feet wet everything slowed down. I think I'll be fine."

DE Brandon Graham

On whether the team had any type of special moment in light of the team's tragedy before taking the field: "Basically, we had a special moment with ourselves. We talked to each other, made sure we got each other riled up, you know, and that's what we did. We knew it was going to be a tough one today because those boys, they come to play. We did pretty well. The effort was there. Everybody's emotion was there. We can work on a lot of things, but overall, I feel like we did a good job."

On whether a game like tonight fuels the competition at each position: "Yeah, everybody is looking for that job and I love it. It's the competition out there and everybody is working hard. Basically, shoot, the sky is the limit for anybody on this team because everybody looks good. We'll see on film what we need to correct, but I feel like overall we got the job done tonight."

On how good it feels to get back on the field: "It feels great, man. All I can say is that it's going to keep getting better as long as we keep working. I'm just going to stay focused. Shoot, just keep watching."

K Alex Henery

On the conditions on the field tonight: "It was pretty good. The wind was kind of swirling, but it was at my back. It really wasn't that bad. We had a good surface out there, which is nice for the kickoffs."

On kicking a 51-yard field goal to win the game: "Yeah, it was a good hit and I'm glad it went in. It's good to get some practice before the regular season. I was happy with how I hit it."

On how tonight's game-winning kick helps in his development: "Yeah, it's always good to get those. Every kicker I think looks to get those, so it's good to get practice in and I'll know how to handle a situation like that."

On the difficulty of hitting a game-winning field goal in addition to the distance: "It really makes it a little bit harder from that distance. I had the wind at my back and trusted what I had been working on all week, so I'm glad it went in."

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