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Game vs. Seahawks: Head Coach Andy Reid

Thoughts on the game: "I was proud of our defense after that first series. They (Seattle) had 11 straight punts after that. I thought they did a nice job there. They shut down their offense. Todd Herremans' touchdown, we practice that a little bit. I was glad to see that he made the catch and that (Brent) Celek had a record day. And from what I understand, it was only second to Keith Jackson. I also thought that (David) Akers had a nice day. Donovan (McNab) had a lot of yards. He threw for a lot of yards. The big o-line was doing a good job. The defense was causing all of those punts. And the defensive line did a good job. I would like to thanks our fans. They were out here in numbers. It was great to have them."

Was the pass to Herremans something you have been working on in the goal line offense for a while now: "We have been working on it for a little bit now."

Did you think he was going to catch the ball: "Yes, he's a good athlete, with good hands."

What was the team like after the quick Seattle touchdown: "Nobody panicked on the sidelines. Everybody just kind of did their thing. They settled down. I have been around teams that get a little nervous when things aren't going well. This crew is always encouraging each other. They did the same thing today. There picking it up and doing a good job."

Without having looked at the film yet, what are your impressions of the defense: "I thought they played well. I haven't watched the film. I thought they handled themselves very well, particularly against a mobile quarterback. To be able to stay in their lanes and get after the offensive line, I think is impressive."

What was the problem with the offensive early today: "Things just weren't clicking. I thought their defense did a nice job. They (Seattle) came out and played a little tighter coverage than what they had shown before. Then they were in zone coverage. I thought that they were driving the ball well. It just took a little bit of time to figure it out. Then we were able to do a couple of things there."

Did you see something, when you decided to use the three wide (receiver) sets: "They (Seattle) were doing a lot of single safety middle against our three wides, to stop the run game part of it. So that opened up the throwing game and in particular for the inside receivers."

Are you pleased where you are after three straight wins: "Yeah, but you can always do better. I like the way the team is playing. We have a heck of a game coming up here. (Giants) There two good football teams playing each other. We'll enjoy this one and then our focus will be right on the next. I'm proud of the football team for not focusing on them today and for focusing in on the Seahawks."

Were you worried that might happen: "No I wasn't, but you never know until you get here. I like the energy they (Eagles) came out with."

Have you started looking ahead to the Giants: "I've got a couple of notes in my bag."

Thoughts on Celek's performance today: "He's a good football player. We are fortunate to have three tight ends we feel are good football players. For Celek to jump in and do the things he did today were great, to show what he can do after the catch. That's really what he did in college. I was impressed with his balance and strength after the catch. He showed that today."

Thoughts on Akers, what has he figured out: "That the coach isn't calling for 50-yarders. He's hitting it great right now. I told you, I thought he was hitting it pretty good before. I thought it was just a string. I thought it was just a matter of him getting use to having that leg strength back…He has just settled down and is trusting himself a little bit more and hitting it very well."

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