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Game vs. Seahawks: FS Brian Dawkins

On what happened on the long pass to Koren Robinson: "I was just trying to get him out of bounds, or get him down. That is a play I have to make. From there, we just buckled in. Obviously, that [ticked] me off, so I was quite teed off the rest of the way for allowing that to happen."

On why the defense was so effective after that one play: "That was just that one play. If I had done what I am supposed to do, and Lito did what he was supposed to do, and being aggressive. My job at that point is to get him out of bounds so that we can line up and play the next snap. If we can play that next snap, we would probably make them punt. I didn't get him down, and he went in for that long score, and we did what we are supposed to do the rest of the way."

On looking ahead: "That is the nature of where we are right now. We quickly celebrate a victory, and then move on to the next opponent. This next one will be a real big opponent coming up, with the Giants. They are the defending champs, and it's a huge rivalry game and a grudge match. Not a grudge match, but usually a physical game. I'll be teeing off and ready to go."

On whether the team is still searching: "You would love to go out every game, start off one way, and continue the whole thing. You're going to have your ups and downs in games. That's the nature of football; the nature of sports, period. You're going to have your ups and downs, and you're going to have to fight through the downs, and get yourself going back up and be consistent, once you get back to the ups. I think we did a good job of weathering this storm. The crowd was into it after I gave up that big play. The offense wasn't moving, their defense was jacked up, and we just continued to do what we need to do defensively to give the offense back the ball, and they got in their rhythm. So, that is what it's going to be sometimes. Hopefully, we will be able to start off a lot faster next week, and maintain a high level of consistent play throughout. But, you never know."

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