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Game Vs. Redskins: Quarterback Kirk Cousins

The Washington Redskins traveled to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in their final regular season game at home. View the full gallery here...

On the offense in the first quarter:

"Great play-calling by [offensive coordinator] Sean McVay. He kept us in good situations, and we have talented players. [TE] Jordan Reed did a great job getting separation. [WR] DeSean [Jackson], [WR] Pierre [Garcon], [Jamison] Crowder… when you have great players – talented players – it makes a difference."

On the play at the end of the first half:

"Yeah, there was a lot of confusion with what the playcall was. For a lack of a better word, I just had a lapse in my decision-making and took a knee when I should have thrown the ball away to stop the clock. We were fortunate it didn't end up hurting us."

On how it feels winning the division championship for the first time as a starter:

"[It's] very satisfying. This is the most satisfied I've been as a football player. It's a big accomplishment, and now the key is to build from here."

On his journey throughout this season:

"It's been quite a journey. It will be quite a journey going forward. You almost expect it in this league the way things work and the way things can change quickly. But I'm very satisfied to see how the tables have turned this year. Now we look forward and say, 'Where can we go from here?' and 'How high can we take it?'"

On predicting that the team would be NFC East winners and whether the offense is at its peak:

"I would say you have to go into every season at the start of the year and believe you can win the division. That's the goal every year – win the division and get a home playoff game. This offense has a lot of talent. It starts with play-calling by [head coach] Jay [Gruden] and Sean McVay. There's a lot of players that can make plays. It's my job to be the distributer. This is our first year. I feel like our offense has grown as the year has gone on and we've kind of figured things out as we went. I keep saying it, but people forget I was named the starter a week before the season. It wasn't like I had a chance to build this offense around me back in April. I'd like to see us continue to grow in that area and continue to mature as a unit as we go."

On RB Pierre Thomas's performance today and the change in offensive players:

"Pierre was outstanding, and some of the plays he made were third down catches that were crucial to keep drives alive and turn into points. He's a difference maker. And credit to [GM] Scot McCloughan for picking him up – finding him, bringing him in, and making a difference for us. Credit to coaches for getting him involved, and credit to Pierre for learning the offense quickly and being able to make a difference so fast, even though he has only been with us for a few weeks. He's a pro – there's a reason he's played eight or nine years now, because of the way he approaches his job."

On feeling like he is an extension of the head coach out on the field:

"Yes – I think I'll be much more of that in a year from now, and then even more two years from now. I mean it's a process. You just keep going. I'm definitely growing as a quarterback each game – gaining confidence, gaining experience – and I trust and believe that if I keep going out there and keep playing through things that I'll always keep getting better."

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