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Game Vs. Redskins: QB Donovan McNabb

Opening statement: "It felt great. The thing about it is that it's about winning ballgames and that is one that I take pride in and we were able to do as a team tonight, total team. Offensively, defensively, and special teams played a major factor in what we were able to do today. I'm excited that we're 2-0 in the division. We are 2-2 right now and hopefully we can feed off of this going into our next week's opponent."

On whether or not he could share what he told the team in the locker room: "No, that stays in the locker room, but again it is an exciting time, not just for me, but for everyone because a lot of what happened these last couple of weeks. When you play a Houston team like that and you're off, you end up losing and you learn from it. I thought together we played well."

On whether or not he was able to remain focused after the ovation: "Definitely, I said it all week that I wasn't going to let any of the hoopla affect what the mindset was and the mindset was for all of was us to be focused and ready to go, to come out here and win the game. I was overwhelmed a little bit with the standing ovation and the reception that I got, but again when you're going down there and everything, you have to buckle your chin strap and win the game."

On whether or not he was upset that Vick could not play the whole game: "It was never Vick versus McNabb. I think that was kind of something that everybody started. It was the Eagles versus the Redskins. You never want to see anybody get hurt, especially a friend and a guy who has been playing well. I hope nothing but the best for all of those guys. We'll see them again, but as of right now we're very excited."

On whether or not he was surprised that he got an ovation out of the tunnel, but booed as soon as he began throwing the ball: "You realize that you spent eleven years here and you knew it was coming. You didn't expect them to cheer for me the whole game. That just wouldn't be right. I was just happy about the way that they gave me a standing ovation early and then we buckled our chin straps and then the boos came. I think all of the quarterbacks got booed today."

On his first TD pass in Philadelphia as an opposing QB: "I was just happy that he was able to break free and I tried to put it in position for him. Cooley is a guy that you feel good about the mismatches (he creates) and we took advantage of that today. But as a team you want to spread the ball out a little more and get everyone else involved."

On playing with a 14-0 lead in Philly: "We had many opportunities to go up more and it is something that we obviously as an offense have to put together and make sure we continue to progress with that because we are going to play teams down the road that are going to score points and we are going to have to match."

On his feelings the moment he walked on the field as an opponent: "I never looked at it that way. I put on a uniform and I knew that I was the opponent, but coming over felt like I had just crossed the Walt Whitman and pulled into the players parking lot. I have been doing it for eleven years, although Mike (Vick) has taken my parking spot up here. It was still the same feeling and coming out of the tunnel, and obviously it was a different tunnel, but it just felt like I was playing back here in Lincoln Financial Field today."

On any added emotion due to his return: "I think the relief that I got was the fact that this was over. The whole hoopla of coming back, you couldn't watch T.V. without people talking about coming back to Philadelphia. One thing that I didn't want my teammates to see was the fact that it became a distraction to me. I tried to go through the same regimen. The guys saw me in the locker room laughing, joking and at the practice field making sure we're reading the keys and doing the right things. I thought today we were a truly focused bunch and now we can sit down and focus on our next opponent and hopefully feel like this again next week."

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