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Game Vs. Redskins: Locker Room Defense

DE Brandon Graham

On what he thought of the team's overall performance: "I think overall everybody fought hard. We fought hard to the end. We made the big play at the end when we needed (it). We just came up short today."

On whether he thought there wasn't enough pressure on the Redskins at times: "(Redskins QB Robert Griffin III) was getting rid of it quick. They weren't really drop-back passing on us a lot. They were gashing us on the run a little bit so that was opening up a lot more of the quick stuff. Playaction this, playaction that. It was quick. There are no excuses, we just have to get there. We just came up short today."

On whether Griffin III was still a threat to run today given his injury: "After we saw him the first drive, we said, 'No, he's not really trying to run today. All we have to do is stop the run and get after him on the pass.' It didn't happen that way and he gashed us a lot, especially on the pass."

On S Colt Anderson recording the team's first interception in nine games: "It felt good. For him, and for us as a defense, to get a turnover in a big game like this. We really wanted to stop them and crush their dreams just like our dreams were crushed this year. They made more plays than we did and they won the game."

S Colt Anderson

On his interception: "The coaches had a great call and (S) Kurt Coleman had great coverage. The ball just fell right in my hands."

On how good it felt to get an interception after nine games without one: "That doesn't matter. We lost the game. That is the bottom line."

On how he felt the secondary performed today: "We gave up too many plays. We have to be better."

On whether it was different playing opposite of Coleman than it was playing opposite of S Nate Allen: "No, they are both great players and great communicators."

On whether he would have done anything differently on the touchdown to Redskins WR Santana Holmes: "Yeah, I felt like I knew the route. I just have to trust my read."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On the defense getting an interception after not getting one for nine games: "It was a long time coming. I was happy to see it. Colt came down with it. It was a great play for us. I was happy to see Colt go up and get it. It was good defense."

On how much the defense needed a play like that: "We needed a lot more of it. One was good, but we definitely needed more."

On how much he thinks the Redskins changed their offense because of Griffin III's knee: "He handed it off a lot more instead of him trying to make plays with his legs. They did a lot of quick passes."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On how disappointing the loss was after having the chance to tie it in the final seconds: "Yeah, that one hurt more than a lot of them, because of the way we lost it. That penalty, the 10-second runoff, and having the chance to be on the goal line and make the score, but getting the penalty makes it sting a little bit."

On how good he thinks the defense can be next season based on how well the front four has played recently: "I think we're going to be pretty good. The same guys are coming back. All of us played together and we all know each other and the camaraderie is back. With us starting to mesh, I think that can be real good."

On wanting to play spoiler against the New York Giants next week: "Yes. Just like this week, you saw us going for it on fourth downs. We're just coming out fighting."

CB Brandon Boykin

On how he feels the defense played overall: "We were kind of back-and-forth. We had a good series, then would come back and make a mistake on another series, then come back and get a stop. It was just kind of like that. Despite how bad we played, we still had a chance to win and that's kind of what has been the same thing every week. We have been unable to finish the game and we just haven't been able to find a way to do it. I think that's something that we have to dig down deep and say to ourselves, we want to win."

On what it was like being on the sideline watching the final drive: "They've been in that situation before and have been successful. The first game of the season and then against Tampa, so we had confidence that they were going to get there and make the play, but on the one-yard line, we kind of had it taken away from us."

On the explanation he received for not returning kicks any longer: "I think it was the combination of us not being successful. If that blame and responsibility is placed on me, that's fine; but at the same time somebody like (RB) Bryce Brown is a great ball carrier."

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