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Game Vs. Redskins: Head Coach Jay Gruden

The Washington Redskins traveled to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in their final regular season game at home. View the full gallery here...

On how important it was to clinch the division today:

"It was great. It's another road win for us. It's a great team we played and we overcame some stuff. I'm proud of this football team. All throughout this season we've overcome some ups and downs and just stuck together. And there were some moments in this game where we could have burried our head, but it was great to get a victory and clinch the NFC East."

On whether he thought the team could win the NFC East:

"I think anytime you're a football coach and you get the team in training camp you're excited about the season. And the moves we made in the offseason, the guys we had coming back, the veterans, and then drafts we've had the last two years, we felt like we were an up-and-coming football team, like we could compete with everybody. It was just a matter of putting it all together and, like I said, handling the ups and downs, which our guys have done very well and we're going to have to continue to do. We've got a few more games on our schedule we're excited about."  

On how proud he is of QB Kirk Cousins:

"I'm very proud of Kirk. He came in here and we had the debacle at the end of the half and a normal guy could have gone in the tank there, but he just came in and kept his composure, just like he has all year. Just like he has done his whole career. He's kept his composure and just kept his nose to the grindstone and just kept battling and competing and doing what he's supposed to do. He's a class act and I'm happy for Kirk and what he's accomplished. I'm very proud of him and the whole team. Anytime you go out and you name a starting lineup, you want them all to succeed like we do with everybody, but Kirk has really taken his position and done well."     

On the changes the defense made to shut down the Eagles after the first drive:

"I think we just tried to get around to [Eagles QB] Sam [Bradford]. You know, Sam – very good passer. He has good weapons and they had a good scheme over there with the no huddle. It's about communication and I think we just got in the right spots. We missed a few zone drops there early in the game, but the guys just stuck with the plan. But they still got a lot of yards. They're a very good offense. We were fortunate to get a couple of turnovers there and our guys made some plays on defense. Just kept grinding. But I wouldn't say we stopped them at the end. I mean, they still had a lot of yards. But I think we're 'bend but don't break' and made some plays."   

On the scene in the locker room:

"Yeah, it's pretty exciting. I'll tell you what – I am going to lose a lot of years of my life coaching this football game here, man. I'll tell you, there's so many ups and downs. You're just so happy for these guys. They really have withstood a lot. We've had a lot of injuries. A lot of guys come in and play that didn't expect to. You have [RB] Pierre Thomas, [TE] Alex Smith, [LB] Mason Foster and those guys coming in off the streets. [CB] Will Blackmon. And then you have the veteran guys like [DE Jason] Hatcher, [LB] Ryan Kerrigan and [T] Trent Williams. You're happy as heck for them. Obviously the rookies and second-year guys have just been battling. Every one of those guys has done everything we've asked them to do throughout the season. You're happy as heck for them and to get rewarded like this is something special we'll never forget."* *

On the importance of RB Pierre Thomas:

"He's very important. That's why he's here. We originally signed him because we thought [RB] Chris Thompson was going to be out for the year, but we had good news that he wasn't going to be out for the year, so we got them both up today because [RB] Matt Jones was hurt. The reason why Pierre is here is because he's a clutch player. It's history. It's in his DNA. He's just made big plays throughout his career on third down when you need him and we're lucky to get him"

On balancing the need for rest and winning against the Dallas Cowboys next week to earn a winning record:

"It's a great question. I think we're going to have to look at the health of the team number one. Number two, it's still the Dallas Cowboys. It's something that we want to end our season on a positive note and keep the momentum rolling. We've won three in a row now and we never want to take any game for granted in the NFL. So we have to make sure, number one we check the health of our football team and we'll go from there." 

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