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Game Vs. Redskins: Eagles Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On his initial thoughts of seeing QB Michael Vick go down: "I thought he would come back and that it was a minor injury. The good thing is our starter in the beginning (of the season) was (QB Kevin) Kolb. Hopefully Mike can come back, but its good to know Kolb can do the job."

On the end of the first half and whether he thought he crossed the goal line: "I felt like I crossed the goal line. I think my knee hit before I crossed the plane."

On whether he feels he needs to raise his level when QB Kevin Kolb is in control, since Kolb doesn't run as much as QB Michael Vick: "It was kind of the same. I saw some of the same room (after Kolb came in). The game plan really doesn't change too much, slightly a little bit. It's all the same."

WR Jason Avant

On having the ball within his grasp and nearly having a "miracle" catch on the Eagles final play of the game: "I'm going to be dreaming about it for a while. I gave great effort for it. I don't know how I let it jump out of my hands. I jumped up and I guess someone knocked it out of my hands. I don't know, I haven't seen the film, but I tried my best for it. I was surprised I didn't get boxed out, so I knew if I could jump I would have a chance at it. It was a tough loss. We've got to get this team going so we can play better next game."

On whether or not the final play was designed to go to him: "No (laughing). There was a lot of moving parts in that play, it's predicated on what the defense is doing and normally (WR) Jeremy (Maclin) is the person that's going to jump up, but I think they quadruple-teamed him or something and that's what made it hard for him to get down the field. So it was just me and (TE Brent) Celek, so it was us versus them. We almost had it, but almost is not good enough."

On how the switching of the quarterbacks affected the wide receivers: "It really didn't throw us off at all. I think everything was the same. We're the same offense. Mike (Vick) and Kevin (Kolb) are good quarterbacks. The things you see with Mike is not the design, it's just something that happens. The offense never changes. I think we moved the ball pretty well, we just didn't do it consistently."

T Winston Justice

His feelings on the offensive line's performance so far this season: "We need to get better. There are always going to be critics. We just need to get better and that starts in practice."

On what he feels is the biggest problem with the offensive line: "I don't know. All is know is we have to get better."

On his thoughts on why the Redskins seemed to come out with more fight in the first half: "I don't know. Maybe it just looked that way. We just need to start faster. We can't start in the second half, like we've been doing. We have to start in the first quarter."

On the emotional level to start the game: "It was pretty high actually. It was probably the highest it's been all season. We just need to start faster, that's it."

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