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Game vs. Ravens: QB Kevin Kolb

On when he found out he was going in: "My quarterbacks coach told me at halftime. He came back in there and told us. My thought process was let's get it right, get out there and not try to do too much, try to lead the team the way I thought I should and obviously, it didn't go quite as I expected."

On how he feels he played:"What frustrates me is once I got in a rhythm and we went down the field, I made a mistake at the end there that basically cost us the game. If I make that throw or throw it away, I can make that throw and then it's a totally different ballgame. I think that's what frustrated me. I've just got to keep getting better. Obviously, it didn't go good, and I'm not going to pretend that it did."

On the difficulty of playing in the second half:"It's difficult, but that's your job. As a second-string quarterback, you're one play away. Everybody knows that. You've got to prepare for that, and you've got to go in and do a better job than what I did."

On following Donovan McNabb:"He's been the guy here for so long, and I was focused on going out there and winning the football game. I support him; he supports me. We have a good relationship, and I don't expect it to be any different."

On Andy Reid's QB decision: "I think Andy understands we have to win now and that's all he was trying to do, was win a football game. He's got to allow me to do that, and I didn't get in there and win the football game, so I'll go back and look at what I did wrong and get better."

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