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Game Vs. Ravens: HC John Harbaugh


Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Remarks:
"Thanks for being here. Just told the team we'll learn from this. Plenty to learn from it obviously. It wasn't a game that we game planned for and it showed. We're just trying to get better during training camp and that's what we have to do here – continue to get better. The issues are going to be obviously the turnovers, the penalties, didn't stop the run game as well as we needed to. That's kind of where it got away from us."   

On whether he's concerned with the injuries piling up on the offensive line:
"It's not going to be concerning if we get those guys back. Those guys all are slated to come back, to my knowledge. We'll see about [G De'Ondre] Wesley. I don't think there's anybody else off the top of my head that wouldn't be slated to come back. So the key is getting them back. At one point we had … three guys playing out of position who had never practiced before. I thought they did a pretty good job with that. That's the preseason. That's how it works."

On how much the depletion of the offensive line may have caused some of the penalties:
"I don't know. It's some of that. Some other issues. It's some of whatever it was."

On whether the tempo of the Eagles offense caused some of the penalties on defense:
"I don't know. We'll see. The tempo of the offense was tough and that's something that we hadn't prepared for. We didn't prepare for it by design. It's not something we're going to prepare for. I guess in the preseason it's pretty effective in that sense. If we were playing in the third preseason game, we'd probably prepare for it. I know we'd prepare for it because we game plan that a little bit more. There's no way we're going to game plan the second preseason game when we're still installing and trying to develop guys and find players and all that. So we were doing the best we could. We didn't have our phones for the whole first half so we couldn't get any calls out there and that really hurt us. We were out of position a bunch of times. Guys didn't know what the call was because the phones are crackling up on us the whole time. So that made it really challenging for us."        

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