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Game vs. Ravens: Andy Reid

(Opening Statement): "Injuries. [Correll] Buckhalter has a sprained MCL. He just has to have an MRI in the morning. Asante [Samuel] and Darren Howard have neck injuries. We'll see what happens there.

"It was an understatement to say that was a poor offensive performance it's not all about one guy. We're not all going to sit here and point at Donovan. It's not all about Donovan. We say that as the game on. I think it's very important that everybody around the QB and the QB need to pick up their game. This is something that I'll go back and evaluate. I haven't made any decisions on if Kevin is the starter or Donovan's the starter. We don't even need to go there. I know we have a short week, and I'll think about it in the short period of time that I have, and we'll go from there. It's obvious that everybody, starting with me, needs to pick up their game. When you get beat up like we did today that why that's a head coaching problem right there, and a direct reflection of the job that I'm doing, or that I did today. It's unacceptable. I need to make sure that I get this changed and get an answer."

On his relationship with McNabb and the decision to substitute Kevin Kolb:"Sometimes with a player, you can step back an inch and maybe you can go forward a mile. So I was able to step back and again, I haven't made any decisions. I was able to step back and look at it from another perspective. It's important that he plays the way I know he can play and that the guys around him do the same thing."

On what prompted the change and McNabb's response: "It was something I thought needed to be done at the time. I haven't talked to him yet, I'll talk to him after this."

On whether he worries about McNabb's confidence level: "No I don't."

On whether he informed McNabb ahead of the substitution:"The coaches talked to him."

On McNabb's performance: "All I can say is he's working through it."

On whether the Eagles performance will improve: "It was pretty poor today, but I'm going to find a way and I think the guys around me have to find a way. We have good people on this football team."

On how the QB change affects the psychology of the team:"It's something that needed to be done at that time. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I didn't think it needed to be done at that time. I'll evaluate it and see what needs to be done here, coming up for this game on Thursday."

On QB Kolb's performance: "He did some good things and he has some things he needs to work on. It's not an easy thing to do."

On whether he thinks he is giving up the run and short yardage frequently:"Listen, if I say yes you can come back and say. 'Well you didn't run it very well either,' so put it that way, we got to get better. I am just stating things I know, you know. So we need to get better at short yardage, with running the football or passing the football."

On RB Westbrook's status and performance:"Bad enough to where he didn't practice. He felt really good the last couple days, and he did some good things, and we also need to make sure that we pick it up around him."

On playing with 2 RB's: "It's what I chose to do, but it's not the way I thought it would go."

On the team's confidence changing with the QB's performance: "Obviously, the QB is a big part of the football team and the team, but it's important that we all feed off of each other, and we all pick our games up, and we've seen that done around here before, and I expect it to happen again."

On how Kolb responded:"That is a tough thing to do putting him in there. Did I think he was going to throw that interception down in there tight? No, I didn't think that. It's not an easy thing to do coming off the bench, but again, it was something that I thought needed to be done."

On his responsibility in the team's performance: "It's about me. I'll be the first one to sit in here and tell you that. It's about me. I need to go back and reiterate that to you. If your football team doesn't play better than what we played today, it's about me."

On the team's chances after the QB substitution: "I thought it might be a little bit of a spark, and we might be able to get some things going."

On whether there will be a QB competition going into next week: "There's no time for a competition right now."

On when he will make his starting QB decision:"Well, we don't have a lot of time here, so it's got to be done by tomorrow."

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