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Game Vs. Rams: QB Michael Vick

On being prepared for the Rams defense: "They blitzed like crazy and it was tough being on the road, our communication was down a little bit. But, we still found ways to make plays and it's going to be an opportunity to learn and go back and look at the film. The most importance thing we got out with the win and we did it the way we wanted to do it, it wasn't pretty but we got the win."

On the Eagles overall play: "I think we jelled real well. There are some things we need to work on. Obviously, we need to put ourselves in better positions to manage the game and move the ball. But, I think on the same note we were able to get it done. Sometimes the blitz can help you and sometime it can hurt you and today we were able to take advantage of it in some situations."

On the Eagles getting some momentum after the Rams touchdown: "I think after they got the first touchdown it was important to calm down and weather the first quarter, same in rhythm and I knew this game was going to be a tough one. I knew coming in they were going to play very hard, extremely hard and they played very well and I give them a lot of credit. You have to fight through certain situations and we were able to do that. That's the first sign of a good football team -- staying poised, understanding the situation and not getting too out of whack."

More on facing a blitzing defense: "That's some team's strength. Some teams can't do it. If teams want to do it each and every week, we'll have counters for it or we'll have ways to beat it. That was part of the reason I was able to run for a hundred yards. I trained myself this off-season to be able to do that. So, however it happens, however we get it done that's what it's going to be. I'm pretty sure we're going to do a great job at getting better with the blitzing. It's all about situations and putting guys in the right positions at that right time."

On his own play: "It felt great to know that I can go out and play lights out. I trained very hard this off season and I feel better that I've felt before. I give a lot of credit to the way the situations turned out with the new CBA. It's given us a lot of time to rest and prepare ourselves. I feel good. I feel like I could play another four quarters right now."

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