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Game Vs. Rams: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(FS Brian) Dawkins had a little dehydration and went in (the locker room) for a second. He was okay. The rest of the guys are fine. There were a couple of nicks and bruises, but nothing to really report."

On the victory: "It was a good way to start the season. There were some good things. I'm sure when we look at the film it's never as good as you think, and never as bad as you think. There are going to be a lot of things that we can work on for next week. For today, there were some good things there."

On the completeness of the team's performance: "It looked like all three phases were doing okay. I would have liked to have seen (the Rams) not score a field goal at the end, but we were able to get everybody in the game and allow some of the young guys to play. That was one of the positives you take (from the game). We could have done a little bit better job in some of the run game phases on the offensive side. On special teams, we have to keep working on getting a body on a body. We'll continue to do that, but there were a lot of good things that went with it."

On the return of a healthy TE L.J. Smith: "These games are important for L.J. just to get back in the swing. He had a couple of drops, and that won't happen as he goes on. I know he had some nice grabs in there, too. He had a couple of drops there that won't happen as he continues to play. As fast as the preseason is compared to practice, (the regular season) is (in relation) to the preseason games. So it is increased speed compared to the preseason games. He will get right back into the swing in a game or two."

On the confidence of QB Donovan McNabb in rookie WR DeSean Jackson: "He does have some confidence in him. However, DeSean got that (confidence) from Donovan obviously by making plays in practice. It's a compliment to DeSean."

On whether DeSean exhibited any rookie tendencies in this first regular season game: "There were a couple. I don't want to take anything away from the kid. He did a nice job today. He had over 100 yards in receptions and he had a nice return. He did a nice job, whether he was a rookie or not. He did a nice job."

On the play of the Eagles wide receivers despite missing starters Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown: "The offensive line did a nice job (jokingly). I thought all the way around, the receivers played well. They were aggressive. This was a big challenge for them because (the Rams) like to bang you around. They came out playing a lot of man coverage against us, and when they weren't in man coverage, they played zone. They tried banging us around, and we were able to get some decent releases on them. I just thought all the way around, with the adjustments the receivers made, they did a nice job there, too."

On the play of the offensive and defensive lines: "They played well. It all starts with the offensive and defensive lines. Those guys don't get quite enough credit – either side. It does start there."

On whether he was expecting more of a challenge from the Rams: "They're healthy and they're fast. It can go two ways here. They're going to sit there and say, 'We played the worst game that we ever played'. But once they look at it and get on with next week, things snowball in this league. We can't get too high, and they can't get too low over this game. They have talent there and they have good coaches. (Defensive coordinator Jim) Haslett brings the house, he stays very aggressive, and he's really a good defensive coordinator. It's a matter of them just getting (RB Steven) Jackson back into it and getting things working for them."

On whether he is concerned with the increased expectations placed on DeSean: "I'm not worried about it. In high school he came in and he had success early and was a great player. He goes to Cal and the same thing happens. The first punt return, he takes it the distance. He's always had these things happen to him, so he knows how to handle it. I give both those young guys (Jackson and S Quintin Demps) a bad time because they bring a great confidence and cockiness to the locker room, and I like that. They'll keep it in perspective."

On whether the play of DeSean makes the game more fun for his teammates: "Everybody enjoys watching him do his thing. This is the first game of a long season, and he's going to have another big challenge this next week on Monday night. He has to prepare himself for that. When you do good, it sets a little challenge out there for the other team. You did good this week; you have to do better next week."

On the play of LB Stewart Bradley: "He did a nice job. The helmet speaker went out during the game for a few plays. He didn't panic, and we were able to get the signals in and still function properly. I thought all the way around without watching the film, it looked like he showed up and did a good job."

On the 90-yard touchdown pass to WR Hank Baskett at the end of the first half: "We were backed up, so we were trying to run some of the time down. We didn't want to give them the football back in good field position from where we would have had to punt. On third down, we took a shot with a double move play, and it worked out for us."

On whether Eagles wide receivers take comments from the media and the public regarding the team needing to acquire a number one receiver to heart: "Human nature would tell you they would. I haven't gotten into it with them. I don't really care, and I'm not sure that they necessarily care. They know that they're alright. We just go about doing our business and try to function at a high level."

On whether he likes the fact that the team will go from this game to a Monday night game against Dallas: "The Dallas game is the Dallas game. From being here as long as I have, you can go into (the game) not being very good and it would still be a great game. It's always a rivalry, and it's always a very competitive game. It really doesn't matter what happened in this game once we get to that one. Neither does it matter what their deal is today (against Cleveland). It's going to be a good game no matter what."

On the play of the special teams: "I thought the special teams played very well. I thought the coverage units did a great job. (WR Dante) Hall is a pretty good returner. He's got great quickness and speed. I thought we did a good solid job. You need to do that. If you're going to be a good football team, your special teams have to function at a decent rate."

On the mindset of the team following a convincing victory: "You enjoy every one. You enjoy every one that you can get in this league, and then you get it out of your mind in the next day and get yourself right for Dallas. For today, you enjoy it. We have a meeting tomorrow, so you have to get yourself right."

On the play of the defense: "We have to play good defense. If you're going to be a good football team, you have to be solid upfront, solid in the secondary, and you have to be able to defend both the run and the pass. There are too many good combination teams – this team being one of them once Steven (Jackson) gets back into the swing of things. (Jackson) just signed that contract, so he's just getting back into the swing. When you face these teams that have good quarterbacks and good running backs, you better be able to function on the defensive side."

On whether the offensive game plan was changed to account for the fact that starting wide receivers Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown were not active: "We kept everything the same."

On the play of QB Donovan McNabb both in the preseason and today: "He's worked so hard to get himself back to this point. For once, he didn't have to rehab during the offseason. He showed this the last three games of last season and he just kind of picked up where he left off."

On the importance of starting the season with a victory: "This is the first game, and there is a lot of emphasis placed on this first game. It is the most overrated game that there is in the league. We understand completely that all of these questions that (the media) is asking me today about the good (today), we have to maintain it throughout the rest of the season. We're very happy to have this one, we're going to enjoy it, but it's one of 16 games. We've got to keep focused on that."

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