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Game Vs. Patriots: QB Mike Vick

On how the first preseason game went: "It was great. Great experience, good to be back out playing ball, we are always excited and had a great time out there. It was good to go out and get a feel of live game action."

On whether he made a statement in terms of the competition: "I am trying to make a statement every day. I promised myself that every snap I take I will try to treat it like my last. I know I have said that before and I want to continue to keep saying that, but that is just how I feel. Every day is competition, and to me competing against myself, trying to get better each and every day, trying to just enjoy the game, the respect and appreciation I have for the game of football now is uncanny and I appreciated that more than anything. That is going to drive me to continue to do my best in every possible situation. I know it is not always going to be right but at least I can work hard to put myself into a position where I can be."

On the touchdown pass to WR Desean Jackson: "They were doing a great job disguising their coverages, they play some different fronts and different defenses from what they did the past three days and I kind of knew what they were going to do. They have some pretty savvy safeties. I did a good job holding the coverage. The route concept we had gave us options and Desean took advantage of the opportunities and the funny part about it is that we talked about it on the bus about getting that same look and it happened in the first series and first possession. It just goes to show that when you are on the same page with your teammates and guys who put their time and effort into the game like you, good things can happen."

On getting into a rhythm: "I just felt my time was going to be limited tonight and I knew it was going to be a possession or two and I just wanted to make the most out of it. I wanted to move the chains and put our team into a position to score some points. I wish we could have scored on the second drive and I saw some things that I could have made happen but it is hindsight now and I think this is a great opportunity to come back next week and try and do it all over again and that is a challenge this football team is up for."

On whether this offense fits his skills: "I am excited about what this offense can do and how we can produce, it is just the matter of us continuing to work together and continue to understand the reasons why we are doing certain things. Study film, put ourselves in a position where we can excel. It is not going to happen overnight, it is not going to happen if you do not put in the hard work and I think that group in the locker room understands that we are on the right track."

On whether it will be tough for the quarterback competition to drag on: "Not at all. I am competing every day, I am competing tomorrow, competing Sunday, I am just trying to bring my A game. I think it is a testament to hard work, you get the results but you have to be willing to sacrifice and you have to give up a lot to gain a lot and I understand that, (QB) Nick (Foles) understands that, (QB) Matt (Barkley) understands that, and that is just our approach right now."

On whether there was an emphasis on getting rid of the ball quickly: "It was just the concepts that were called tonight. We did not even do a third of what we normally would do. We had fun with what we had; we knew it was going to be very vanilla. We did throw some things in there that kept their defense off balance. They did some good things on defense too as well. It is a good football team right there."

On whether there was a benefit of getting preseason reps: "I understand the importance of preseason now. A lot of veteran guys feel like preseason is just a waste of time. Coach (Andy) Reid made me think otherwise. At the end of the last preseason, I know why it is vital to get those snaps, why it is great to put your mind to competition mode, the preparation that goes into a preseason or regular season game has to be the same way. There is no way around it and we all have to understand that as a team we have to prepare ourselves mentally and physically to play each and every game regardless if it is a preseason game or a regular season game."

On putting more of an emphasis on not turning the ball over: "I do not want to turn the ball over, but if it happens do not be surprised."

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