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Game Vs. Patriots: QB Donovan McNabb

On how he felt out there: "I felt great. The thing about it is the fact that we are progressing week in and week out. Last week was kind of mixed emotions because of the conditions and the weather. We had several key mistakes, so we were able to learn from that. I thought this week, coming out here we were able to put some things together consistently. We sustained some drives and came out with points, which was big for us.""

On the performance of the wide receivers: "I think you have to give guys opportunities to make plays and we did that today. It's obviously big when you lose somebody like [WR] Kevin [Curtis], who had 77 catches last year and then you don't have your other top receiver in [WR] Reggie Brown. I think the preseason gives guys an opportunity to come out and showcase their talents and do great things for us. We have a ways to go, but it's a good sign.""

On G Shawn Andrews and the offensive line: "I think he was able to get his feet up under him. It's a little different than practicing every day. Now in a game situation, he was able to get his feet under him and get some more game experience for this year. That's the part of it that is going to take some time, but it's just like riding a bike. Once you get your feel, you'll be right back in there.""

On whether it was a good tune-up for the regular season: "I think when you look at the guys and the way they've continued to improve week in and week out, not just the ones but also the twos and threes. You are looking at guys making plays and you're excited to see that because they are working hard throughout training camp.""

On his confidence level going into the season: "I'm fine. My confidence comes from how the team feels and I think the team is really on a high right now. For all of us to really gel together and be able to achieve that common goal, knowing that it takes some steps, good things will happen for us.""

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