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Game Vs. Patriots: Head Coach Bill Belichick

Opening Remarks: "It was good to come down here and win. You know Philadelphia is a good football team and they certainly hammered us last year and I was happy to see that we could at least be competitive this year. I thought that we played hard. Certainly there were a lot of mistakes and a lot of things that we still have to work on. It was good to see us make a few plays. We played better in the red area and on third down overall as a team. We got some production out of the kicking game and hit a few plays on offense and scoring in the red area. That was very important as far as final score goes. We got to look at a lot of players, especially on defense.

"I'm not sure how many plays we played but it was a lot. So we will get a good evaluation of those players and it was good all the way around. We played all the quarterbacks and I played everybody else and it was good. Again, the Eagles are a real good football team, they are a good test for us and we had a real competitive game and I think that we'll learn a lot and we'll benefit a lot from this experience down here. Back to work tomorrow and turn around for Cincinnati but we'll enjoy this one here for a little bit and then we'll get back to work and try to build on it for next week."

On what the plan was for playing Tom Brady: "We were going to kind of see how it went and that's what we did. He got a decent number of plays in there and we wanted to get a two minute drive and we did that in the second quarter. It wasn't really a two minute situation but we tried to make a drive. The punt return kind of made us lose a possession. We ended up playing more plays defensively than offensively so that's kind of how that worked out. I think we got a pretty good amount of playing time for a lot of people tonight. We all need that."

On how QB Tom Brady preformed: "There were probably, and you could probably say this about every player, some positive things and there were things that we need to sharpen up on. It's the first game. That's probably true for everybody, including Tom."

On why RB Fred Taylor and WR Wes Welker did not play: "Yeah, there were some guys that didn't play and I'm sure we'll play guys in a different rotation and a different number of snaps next week. But that's kind of the way we thought it would be coming in."

On how QB Tom Brady looked physically: "Like I said, I think everybody went out there and did some good things and other things that we need to sharpen up on. That includes Tom and it includes everybody else."

On WR Julian Edelman's punt return TD: "Well it was good. We got him started. I thought (WR) Shaun (White) did a good job on the vice there on the gunner on the right and Julian has been a guy who is good with the ball in his hands. He has done that through camp and he made a nice cut there and there were a couple of guys who had him and he cut back and took it to the end zone. But he has done that, he ran the ball a lot in college and the opportunities he has had in training camp, he has shown up there too. It was good to get those points out of the kicking game. Those are always helpful. You don't really count on them going in so when you get them it's like a bonus."

On the use of a four man front on defense: "Yeah, we didn't really play any 34 in the game. We used a lot of four man fronts. It was all four man fronts really. Different personnel groups but basically four guys that we counted as down. So we wanted to look at that and we got a good look at it tonight. A little more than we thought we would actually. We played a lot of snaps on defense."

On using (QB Andrew) Walter as the next QB after Tom Brady: "We just haven't seen Andrew play. We had an opportunity to see him play so I wanted to do that. Just the whole process of learning our offensive system, getting the plays, calling them, some of the checks or adjustments that were made next to the line of scrimmage. It was good for him to do that in game action. I think that after playing a game you kind of understand a little bit more why we have some things in our offense that we have. We practice them, that's one thing, but playing in a game—sometimes that experience is a little bit different. So it was a good learning experience for Andrew. Also we gave (QB) Kevin (O'Connell) play a little bit too."

On whether he was pleased with the running game: "I thought that (RB) Laurence (Maroney) had some yards and (RB) Sammy (Morris) had some yards there from time to time. (RB) Benny (Green-Ellis) at the end but it wasn't consistent. We had our moments but it certainly wasn't consistent and it was a little disappointing that we couldn't make the yard in two short yardage situations in the third quarter. We definitely need to work on that aspect of our game. But you know we ran the ball better last year. It was the best the Patriots have run it in 20 years or however long it's been. I'd like to get off to a good start on that. I think we had our moments but it wasn't as consistent as it needs to be. We have to keep working on that."

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