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Game Vs. Patriots: Eagles Defense

DT Cullen Jenkins

On what happened with Coach Reid: "It's football.  Football causes that, if you're out there playing, you've got to be emotional. It was nothing. Nothing was addressed.  It's an emotional game and sometimes you need that spark and especially now in the preseason. I'm a real competitive person and when I get out there, I want to win regardless. It wasn't anything directed at anybody or personal like that. It wasn't anything about a specific play; it was through the game.  We've got a short window on where we need to be as a team and we need to come out and I don't care if it's preseason or not, we need to play like it.  We can't come out flat."

On what Coach Reid said: "He comes at you. He wants to get the best out of you. He wants to make sure you're focused and the right stuff is going on, that's all.  You have to respect that and you can't fault that as players.  Obviously, that's not the way I should have handled it, but you just get emotional; you want to play hard and the team to do well."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On the game: "The penalties are the only glaring mistake that we had and those things can be corrected. We just have to play smarter in certain situations. It was a really good outing and I feel like we played better."

On the discussions on the sidelines and playing better in the second half: "We knew we were shooting ourselves in the foot and the coaches were telling us to play smarter and do the things we should have been doing from the get go. He (Coach Reid) came over and reminded all of us to get it going.  He shouldn't have had to come and tell us. We should have already been on top of our game, playing smarter and playing fast. It is good that those things are happening in the preseason to get it out of the way."

DE Brandon Graham

On playing against Nate Solder: "I was getting up under him a lot and that is probably the best thing. The challenges are that he is a big long guy, and you have to get his hands off of you. He is real strong and you have to stay on your game when your are playing against him."

On playing against Marcus Cannon: "He is pretty solid and a good tackle. I feel like we should have gone at him a little more. I feel like a couple of plays he was inviting me up field and I took the bait. I shouldn't have because the quarterback was stepping up and that comes with game planning. I think they had a good game plan for us and he is an all around solid player from what I can see. "

On the Patriots' game plan: "I think they tried to slow us down with all of the screens and the draws. I feel like it was their game plan but we are still going to continue to do what we do. I feel like a lot of teams are going to give us that same look. They will try the screens and draws to try and slow us down."

DE Darryl Tapp

On Andy Reid getting on the defense: "We are upset with ourselves for making so many penalties. Yes we got the win but that's ridiculous to get 22 penalties. As a team we have to tighten up, me personally I have to tighten up."

On if it was a preseason thing or a team thing with penalties? "It was a team problem we got 22 penalties. That's something we've got to work out. We've got to get it straight before the rest of the season starts."

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