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Game Vs. Panthers: QB Cam Newton

On starting things up in the beginning of the game, keeping them going throughout the game, and finishing them at the end: "Well, offensively we started fast and that's one thing we wanted to focus on going into this game. In the second quarter we hit a lull. One of the challenges all year has been coming out of the second half and getting points on the board. That was one of our team offensive goals going into this week, to get points on the first drive of the second half. So offensively, we kind of hit all our major points that we wanted to. We started fast and came out in the second half and picked up where we left off."

On personally getting things rolling in the game and making key plays when he had to: "As a quarterback, your number one goal is to be a game manager and, for me, I feel as if I was just trying to take everything that the defense gave me through the air and on the ground. So anything to keep those chains moving, especially in a hostile environment like today."

On this being his best game of the year: "Absolutely not. I think my best game is still yet to come and I still want to focus on getting better each and every week."

On what he needs to get better at: "Just being more consistent, I think. That's been our biggest challenge as a team and when you put a microscope on the team you start having to pick out individuals and, as a competitor, you pick out yourself and nitpick things that you feel like you can get better at. I know personally, I feel like with the throws tonight it was kind of high, kind of low, kind of everywhere. I just want to focus on being more consistent."

On agreeing with Coach Rivera that he could work on decision making and getting rid of the ball sooner: "Right, that's another focus. Getting through my progressions faster, finding my outlets, running backs, check downs, what have you. And just getting the ball in play maker's hands."

On the Eagles he saw tonight on the field being exactly what he saw on tape: "To some degree it did. I think it goes into preparation during the week. We had a task at hand to control those defensive ends with especially how wide they play. Obviously with (CB) Nnamdi Asomugha and (CB) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, those guys are underrated in my opinion as far as cornerback skill. We just had to come out and especially, like I said in a hostile environment, put up points fast. And we just got to get the crowd out of it and get a big win on the road."

On persevering and seeing it rewarded with a victory after being in tough situations: "Well, we just can't put ourselves in that type of situation. As you overlook our season, each and every game we've had times of individuals that could have made plays, myself included. So tonight we just wanted to have a whole overall collaboration and focusing on making each other accountable for the common goal. Each and every down, each and every play. And we know if we keep chipping, keep nitpicking, and keep going, preserving like you said, we knew when it was in our reach."

On what caused the receivers being wide open on both touchdown passes: "I think it was the sudden motion that we were having, game planning with that. Coach [Rob] Chudzinski called an excellent play with knowing how they react to different motions and being that the play action that we were running, you have to respect the zone read. I think they had a lot of guys focusing on my running ability and also the back's running skills. It ended up being our saving grace."

On agreeing with Coach Rivera that he does better when he's taken a little bit off his plate and has been given a breather: "I'm a game manager, sir. I feel as if my job is to execute each and every play that Coach Chudzinski calls and that's what I'm out there to do."

On what he saw in the films and in the game tonight that allowed him to pick on an underrated player like Nnamdi Asomugha: "Well, he's a guy that has a lot of confidence, not as far as showing it, but just having a lot of know-how and seeing a lot of football in his years. You see him break on routes and you've seen a lot of route combinations and know if it's a drag coming around, it might be a dig behind that. He's a very smart football player, and sometimes he's kind of too smart and it's kind of his gift and curse. But overall, he's an excellent football player, a very rangy guy, and I know personally that those throws have to be in a place where my receiver can catch it and no one else can catch it."

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