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Game Vs. Panthers: DC Bill Davis

On the biggest different from last week: "It was so new, the scheme was new. Everybody wanted to do well so bad. I think we pressed a little bit. Tonight felt a lot more relaxed, guys just taking care of their job more than anything."

On whether they played less press coverage and why: "Some of the different coverages we were playing had the corners playing a little different technique where you couldn't press. Some of the calls weren't press situations because of the formations."

On whether if this was designed to bring the safeties into the box more: "Yeah, you are reading too much into it. We were playing a lot of three-deep tonight. The corners have responsibilities of two-on-one sometimes and it just changes things a little bit."

On Patrick Chung's performance: "I really felt all of them settled down and showed that. In the run fits, we were in the right place today. We weren't last week. A lot of the same formations showed themselves and just by simply aligning better and settling down and playing within the scheme and relaxing and just playing like they practiced, it came together a lot better."

On the defense rebounding after the Patriots game: "It was a good feeling. We have a lot of work left. I don't think it changes how much work we have left. But it was a big step."

On the play of the outside linebackers: "I think they did a nice job tonight. The coverage aspect of it is something you're always looking at. I've put them in coverage to see how they do and they haven't put us in harm's way at all. They're doing a nice job."

On dropping Trent Cole in coverage: "The preseason will be all about fact-finding. Most of what we're doing is just seeing what the guys can and can't do in the preseason mode and making adjustments because at the same time everything's about what we can or can't do against Washington."

On Mychal Kendricks' performance: "I thought Mychal's one of the ones who settled down a little bit. He was a little too revved up last week and everybody's trying to make big plays and it backfired. They settled down and Mychal was one of the ones who settled down and stuck within his job description and played well because of it."

On why Kendricks was utilized more as a blitzer: "We were trying to take advantage of their protections and get Mychal some pass rushes, seeing what we have there as a blitzer. We had a couple of opportunities to send him, so we did."

On whether any alignment changes were made up front: "No, we didn't. We played pretty much the same game plan, same basic calls. We just have to keep working on our base techniques, base calls. Again, the fact-finding is to see if we can do it or where we can get to by the time we play Washington."

On Cary Williams' performance: "Cary did a nice job. Cary was coming off the injury, so I don't think he was really going to all-out test it but he ended up playing and tested it pretty well. He did a nice job tonight. It was a pretty good receiver he was up against."

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