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Game Vs. Jets: Locker Room - Defense

DE Vinny Curry

On how he thought he played tonight: "From the beginning, it was a little bit of a rough start for me, but it started to ease up. I just kept working at it. The vets on the team told me to keep working and be patient. With pass rushing you have to be patient and things will come around. Things happen that way. I stayed patient and stayed with it and I had a good night overall."

On the depth of the defensive line: "It drives us to come to work every day and be ready to play because everybody is going to be up. We all feed off each other and we try to be the best at what we do."

S Oshiomogho Atogwe

On whether he thinks it will be difficult to make the team with such a small sample: "That's a great question. My future is always in God's hands. If it's for me to make this team I will, but if it's not, then I'll be elsewhere. I believe I did everything that was in my power and everything that was under my control to play good football and to practice well, practice hard. I'm pleased with that. I'll leave the rest to God."

On whether the team would have a better evaluation on him if he played another game: "You can play that 'if only' game with any type of situation. I tend not to go down that path. I know with what I was given, I was faithful and I worked hard and diligently. At the end of the day, you can only be pleased with that. You can only control the things that you can control. Everything else, you leave to God and trust Him and what He's doing in your life. That's what I'm going to do."

On how he thinks things are going to work out: "I won't even go into speculation. We'll wait to see what Monday brings. Until then, just smile and be thankful for the opportunity."

On whether he would be surprised if things didn't work out: "You're never surprised in this game. I've had things happen to me in my career that I never expected to happen. I've learned that you take things as they come. Anything is possible. Just be faithful, that's going to be my saving grace, my faith in Jesus Christ. I'll focus in on Him and thank Him for what He's given me and just continue to press forward."

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