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Game Vs. Jets: Jets HC Rex Ryan

Head Coach Rex Ryan

On tonight's game: "Well we scored. That was good. Obviously that was a rough game…I think we had 4-yards in the second half. That was a little rough, I don't know how many sacks they had, but it looked like they were going to get a record there, I'm not real sure what it was? But we had 4-yards in the second half, they were 3-for-3 in the red zone, clearly that's not…you're not going to beat anybody that way. I thought at times, I thought the first unit offensively… I felt we moved the ball pretty well and I was happy to see us get in the end zone, that was good to see. I thought the protection held up at times in the first half…I thought that was good, that was real positive. This team can really rush the passer and it doesn't matter who's out there. They had a couple number ones out there as the defensive ends and that was good to see. I thought (T) Jason Smith for a guy that had one meeting, I thought Dave Deguglielmo must have done a good job teaching him because the kid was out there. We said 10-plays initially, and the kid played a whole half and I thought he held up well considering he had only been here for one meeting. I was proud to see that young man compete like he did. I thought QB Greg McElroy did a nice job, when he was in there he did well…moved the team well, showed poise and that was good to see."

On the depth of the team: "Well obviously I'd much rather be 4-0 in the preseason, I hate to lose more than anything. But again they start counting for real, there's no excuses starting next week when we play Buffalo. We'll evaluate the team then, but with that said I'd much rather be 4-0. The depth of our team, we'll see. You know, we'll take a hard look at this film, we'll see if some guys stepped up and I thought some guys had an opportunity and I wasn't real happy with…but again I'm not going to get into specifics, but I think we'll have enough depth on this team."

On getting the first touchdown of the preseason: "Well like I said I'm glad we got it. I'm not going to sit here…I wish we would have saved it and tack it on next week. But it was good to score no question about it. I thought we moved the ball well at times in the first half and that was good to see."

On getting everything accomplished during the preseason: "Well the good news is we'll find out. I think this team's a lot better than others but again, we get to prove it on the field, I know where my bet would be. I believe in this team, I believe in this coaching staff. I would have liked to have won, clearly that wasn't the case. This opponent, you have to credit this opponent, and Philly was better than we were today."

On the officials: "Well our big thing and my job is to coach this football team and have this team ready and I can't be concerned with that. We're just going to get our team ready and play to the best of our abilities."

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