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Game Vs. Jaguars: QB Michael Vick

On playing in Jacksonville: "It was great to go out there and get a win. I have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line. They did a great job in protection. The defense gave us plenty of opportunities. The receivers caught the ball and the running backs did a great job. It was a great overall team effort. I could have made it easier on a couple of plays, but that's just part of growing up and learning the scheme."

Assessing the Jaguars: "That was a good football team defensively, I know. And watching them on film, the one thing we did know is that they play good football at home. We just had to come out and start fast, and make the plays we know we can make and put points on the board. They actually did a good job of preventing us from doing that early."

On the offensive line: "The offensive line did a great job and there's a couple of things I could have done better. That just goes with film study, when the defense is blitzing, and I could have made it a little easier with a couple of players. But that's just part of me growing up and learning the scheme."

On touchdown before half: "I knew I only had 12 seconds and I couldn't take a sack. It was me improvising to make the play and keep my eyes down field . I knew the clock was ticking and I knew I had to get the ball out and fortunately Jeremy was able to uncover. I knew we had enough time and Jeremy did a great job getting separation from Mathis and he was able to make a good play."

On hooking up with Maclin for four touchdowns so far: "Jeremy knows how to get open and he has a great feel for the game. He's very intelligent and does a great job in man-to-man coverage and that's what you saw a lot of today and we were able to exploit it. "

On red zone success: "If you go back to my days in Atlanta I thought we always did a good job in the red zone and had a high efficiency and percentage in the red zone and were able to score a lot of points. My eyes light up when we get down there and I think everybody else on this football team does too. You have to go out there and put the ball in the end zone. You work so hard to get down there and you don't want field goals, you want touchdowns."

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