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Game Vs. Jaguars: Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"Not a real fun afternoon, not nearly good enough. Rush yards were hard to come by. Passing game was nonexistent, we continue to be plagued by allowing big plays defensively over the top. I'm sure the question will be asked, how do we make it better? I know that despite the negativity that typically follows the disappointment that we all feel when things don't go the way we want, I think it's imperative that as a football team we continue to bring the things that will give us a chance: the passion, the energy, the determination, the work ethic, those are all things that we have exhibited and will continue to exhibit. In some respects, you've got to circle the wagons so to speak because we understand the climate.

"You just look around the league, it's a week to week, it's that type of business and you see examples of teams that right the ship and feel better about themselves and that's what we've got to look to do, look forward to the next opportunity. Certainly the last two games, not what we're looking for, not what we had in mind for the Jaguars 2010. We've worked awfully hard and I'm disappointed that we haven't played better the last couple of weeks. We cannot go back and changed that, we've got to go forward and we will, go back to work and take a hard look at the things we're doing and make sure that we're giving ourselves every opportunity, and plow ahead into next week's preparation for the Colts."

On David Garrard's play today: "I don't want to speak for David, I'll let him speak for himself, but he was ineffective today. A lot of things go into it, attempts at passing and not much productivity in passing. We weren't very good at throwing the ball today."

On if the quarterback has to be effective to have a winning team in the NFL: "I think certainly it's been proven that having a hot hand there makes it a whole lot easier to win games. We've just got to make sure we're doing everything we can to help our guy get a hot hand because he certainly didn't have that today."

On if the game got away from them at the end of the half:"I think they made some big plays, we didn't have any. We had a couple big plays in terms of getting stops and getting the ball in good field position. We had the ball several times in the first half on their side of the 50 and didn't do anything with it. So, we really seek to be a team that plays complimentary football, where we get a stop, we get a return, we get the ball at the 45 going in and we go in and get some points. As a football team, you've got to do those things and we didn't generate any of that today. We definitely had chances in the first half to make this a heck of a game and it just didn't materialize and then they hit a couple of plays and pulled away. You can pour through this stat sheet, which I've already taken a peek at, there are about 5 plays, 6 plays in here that they make big plays on and we don't. We don't have the big plays offensively and they do and that really was the difference in the ball game."

On if it is imperative to get to the quarterback when you blitz so often: "Yes, I think that you get to him and you not let it go over the top. Certainly we definitely took an aggressive posture into the game, I think, I know, I would do it again. I think it's the way to attack (Michael) Vick, I think it's been proven. You can't let the ball go over the top of you. He's definitely not a guy, few times you sit back and try to play coverage and let him run around, that's when he's really at his best. If you make him a quarterback that has to operate outside the pocket, that gives you the best chance in my opinion. We did not execute that to it's fullest. I thought we had spurts and parts of the game where we were able to do that and go 3-and-out and get the ball back on offense. But it was going to take a team effort; this wasn't just going to be about our ability to slow down Michael. We also had to score some points and I think that would take the football game to a different level where he's not feeling so comfortable flipping the ball out there like he did."

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