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Game Vs. Giants: SS Quintin Mikell

On the defense's first priority in today's game: "I think the main thing we needed to do was stop the run game. Their whole offense is based off the run, so stop the run. We did a good job with that and then we got after (Giants QB) Eli (Manning)."

On how important it was for the defense to make their first appearance in the game with the score already 7-0 in their favor. "It was big. Any time the offense can start with seven points, it gets us ahead. Pretty much, if we hold them to zero points, we win the game so that's exciting for us."

On whether he was wondering when 60 minutes of good Eagles football was going to get started this season: "Yes, I was wondering when we were going to do that and it seems like we saved the best for right now. Obviously, we've got some things to work on but it was pretty close to a really good Eagles game there."

On how smoothly he was able to communicate with S Sean Jones: "Sean played a hell of a game today. He got all of his checks, he was in position, he was hidden. He was doing everything that we needed of him. I'm proud of him. He stepped up and had a great game."

On how the defense seemed to know where Eli Manning was going with the ball: "We study a lot of film around here and, for the most part, I feel like we have a good take on some of the things that they try to do but we are students of the game here and those things worked out today."

On whether he feels that this was a statement game: "Hopefully people are paying attention. This is what we can do when we are all on the same point, when we are all doing our thing. We can win a lot of big games so hopefully we do this every week."

On how he feels about starting off well against division teams: "That's the key. You can do whatever outside the division. You can (have zero wins) and come into the division and sweep and do well there and you can still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Obviously, we had some ups and downs earlier in the season, but it looks like we are hitting our stride at the right time so hopefully we will continue progressing and getting better each week."

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