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Game Vs. Giants: QB Mike Vick

On how he's feeling after walking into the room gingerly: "Yeah. Something happened with my knee on the last drive. I'm all right though.  I'll be ready for next week. Hopefully."

On last minute game-winning drives: "It's something you have to do.  Every game is not going to be perfect and it's not going to always be a situation where things come easy. We struggled in the beginning. Our offensive line gelled together and we really challenged one another to get better throughout the course of the game.  I'm extremely proud of those guys that did that."

On the third down play on the Eagles' last drive in the 4th quarter: "That was coach's call but it was more strategy than anything.  We wanted them to burn the timeout. We didn't want them to have two timeouts, knowing they were going to be able to get the ball back. So it was important just to make them burn a timeout, not lose as much yardage on the play and get something out of it, make it positive."  

On this being the third time this season the Eagles had a game-winning 4th quarter drive: "It's a much easier way to play this game. You can come out and you could score 28 points and the defense can play well and you can be up and it can be easy or it can be tough. And it all depends on how the flow of the game goes, but I'm just glad we were able to pull (this) out. It means the world to me. I have to tip my hat off to the offensive line. They struggled early, but they bounced back and that's what's important. You have to preserve in this game. It's a tough game."  

On the third down play near in the goal line in the 4th quarter: "We just didn't want to take any more time off the clock. We wanted them to burn their timeout. We wanted to put ourselves in a position where we could still get points, but at the same time make them burn a timeout, which would be to our benefit."

On whether he did anything different this game to limit turnovers: "Yeah, I didn't turn the ball over. I just played smarter. The thing is in this game you can't force opportunities against the defense, you have to let it come. I'll be honest, missing the preseason did affect me to a certain extent, but now I'm getting into my groove and seeing the field a little better. The guys around me are helping me and that's important."  

On what former Eagle Brian Dawkins said to the team before the game: "We have to keep that a secret. That's between us and Brian. It was very positive. I can only imagine playing with a guy like Brian and having the opportunity to go out each and every Sunday and feel that type of energy from a guy who is so passionate about the game and the game means so much to him. It's evident because we're here today and his number has been retired and he's a Hall of Famer. I give him a lot of credit. The hardest hit I ever took came from Brian Dawkins so I can only imagine what it's like playing with him."

On what was going through his head during the Giants second field goal attempt at the end of the game: "I don't believe in icing the kicker. You give everything. You let them kick it and if it's good it's going to be good. If not, you can't play games. I don't know who started that but we have to end that tradition."

On whether the criticism coming into this week was in his head: "You can't listen to what everybody says and what is being said about you. Everybody doesn't agree with how you play or how you win. What's most important is what happens internally within the organization and what we know. We just try to stay positive. You have to. If I listen to all you guys then I'll be a wreck. I just had to try to stay positive. My family helped me through that. Deep down with that, you know I've been through a lot and it's kind of easy to persevere in the game that you love."

On whether it is easier for him when the run game is working like it did tonight: "I think it's easier on everybody when the run game is clicking. It doesn't allow the defense to tee off and pin their ears back. That's something that they want to do and you just can't allow them to do that. If you give them the liberty to free rush the passer then they're going to knock you out. They're going to hit you a little bit. Balance is good."

On why the run game clicked in the second half versus the first half: "I think we did pretty well in the first half as well. It's not always going to work. That's a good defense. They won the Super Bowl last year. They're playing for first place so everything is not going to be right. You just have to take what the opposition gives you and not force it."

On what this win means for the team: "It means a lot. It means a lot to be 3-1. It means a lot to be at the top of the division. We still have a lot of tough games ahead of us but that's what it's all about. This is the NFL and this is why we play this game."

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