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Game Vs. Giants: QB Eli Manning

On his performance today: "Well, obviously the turnovers are a problem. [We] can't afford to turn the ball over. Really, the one before halftime is the one I'm most upset about. [It was] just a bad decision on the throw. [I] can't float it over the middle like that. We've got to get better. We had some drives where we moved the ball. We got near the end zone, we just didn't finish at times. I had [WR] Sinorice [Moss] on a go route [and] I'm mad about missing that one. There's some good play kind of sprinkled in, but overall we're just not converting on third downs and there's too many mistakes."

On how much his plantar fasciitis is interfering with his play: "It's not. It feels great. It hadn't bothered me all week. I'm not taping it, I'm not doing anything with it anymore. That's not the problem. That's not an excuse I can fall on. It's not bothering me at all. I've just got to get back to playing better football, and we can do that. We've been through struggles before. We've been through phases where we have not played well, and we've bounced back before. I know this team can build, and we're not going to get down. We're not going to start pointing fingers. We're going to fight back. We've just got to win one game and let's get back on the right track."

On how much time it took him to settle down today: "It wasn't about getting settled down. I think it's [about] trying to make some plays and getting some shots down the field, and some of them didn't work out the way that we hoped. It's just a matter of putting drives together and everybody doing the right thing and making some plays here and there. It's just getting back to playing better football. There's no secret. There's no trick. There's no, 'We've got to change everything.' It's just playing smarter, and just playing better football."

On Coach Coughlin's comments that he had not always been pushing off his injured foot during practice: "I think that was more last week, and that was a problem that I did notice -- just not pushing off with the foot some. I was conscious of it and that's why we were trying to be smart about the reps and those things through the weeks, but this past week it's felt better than ever. It felt great today. So again, I don't think that's an excuse I can fall on."

On the first interception he threw, to CB Asante Samuel: "He just jumped it. He's an aggressive player and he jumps some things. On that route, I went to the right place [and] threw to the right read. I've just got to see him. He's on a tight end, he's going to cheat. Whether he just knew the route was coming or just read my body or just read the tight end's route… Just knowing, 'Hey, I've got a tight end here, I can try to jump this route.' And so he jumped it. I saw it late, and he made a play."

On how frustrating this is after a 5-0 start to the season: "It is frustrating, especially when you win five straight. You're feeling good. You're feeling great. And then to lose three in a row, especially when you just don't feel like you're playing your best… Two of them were big blowouts. In the Arizona game, we had a chance to get back into it. We just didn't make some plays at the end. That's football. Just like you learn from the games you win, you've got to learn from the games you lose. You're going to experience all sorts of things when you play in this game.

"We've had highs and lows, and we've come back before. Last year we kind of had our high through the season and we had our low at the end of the season. Maybe this is what we need, kind of get our low during the middle of the season [and] get back to playing good football, get on a run at the end. But we've got to get that run. It's not like it's just going to happen. We've got to find a way to start playing better football."

On whether he was surprised to still be in the game at the very end and if he thought it was a message from Coach Coughlin:"I don't know. We're going to go fight. If Coach wants us to finish a game, we're going to go finish. We're going to go give it a shot, try to end on a good note, or make something happen, or score a touchdown. Every time we're on the field, you kind of get to the point where you don't look at the scoreboard anymore, you just know it's about pride right now. It's about going out there and just trying to play better football."

On the struggles with the running game: "We've got to get that going also. They were playing a lot of two safeties high. At times, it's tough to throw against that, so you should be able to run the ball well. Just get some eight and seven-yard runs, where you get into some third-and-manageable situations. We did that at some times. We usually convert the third-and-shorts. Overall, we've got to get better at our third-down conversions, especially when they're manageable, and just start making some plays."

On the interception he threw to FS Quintin Demps at the end of the first half: "It was just a bad decision. I was kind of hoping Sinorice would do something else, and he didn't, and I just still tried to fit it in there. It was just kind of a hope shot, and you can't have those. You can't have those decisions. Throw it away, take a sack. Don't turn the ball over and give them some more momentum. Let's just go into halftime, re-group, and see if we can make a second half run instead of giving them more points."

On whether he thinks the Eagles have the secret to success against the Giants right now:"That's not something I'm worried about. I'm worried about the Giants and getting us back to playing good football, going on another run, getting back to winning, and getting this team going. Whatever happens the rest of the season, we'll take care of that when it comes down to it."

On whether he would label this as a personal slump: "I don't know. I'm not going to label it as that. I know I can play better, and have to play better."

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