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Game Vs. Giants: QB Donovan McNabb

On what big plays mean for the team: "Well, offensively it's always big when you can spread it around. I think being able to establish the run game and the screen game opens up a lot of things, and the play action game and the drop back game and vice versa. I thought today we were very balanced, (and had) a way of attacking their defense, knowing that they like to blitz at times. They'll sit back in the zone to challenge you to see what you're doing. We were able to pick up big plays all throughout the drives, which led to touchdowns for us."

On whether he feels this is an indication of how good the team can be: "I think we're just kind of touching the surface. The sky is the limit for us, but again, it comes back to being consistent. When you have games like this, you have to have a better game next week. And that's something we're definitely trying to strive for and I think when you have guys who are new to the system, you have guys who haven't been in the situation that we're in right now, you know it's something you have to work on all throughout the week and communicate with so that you're ready to go when the time comes."

On whether he is more comfortable with WR Jeremy Maclin now: "I am. You know, we worked a little bit in the off season. In the first game he didn't play much while I was in there, while I was healthy. And then you know from Tampa on, we've been able to work together, and (WR) DeSean (Jackson) as well, just working on our timing. We've had some ups and downs, but we are also kind of comfortable of what we're seeing and being on the same page."

On pointing to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg after the touchdown right before halftime: "Well we just, kind of going back to film study, we recognized the way the safeties played. And I think also of being able to create a big play. If that wasn't there, we felt like we would have another opportunity with a crossing route that was coming to that direction. But whenever you get in that situation, you want to be able to take a shot. It was a big play by our defense and then for us to get back there and being able to create something and put one-on-one with DeSean and the safety, we'll take that every opportunity."

On what allowed him and the team to get back on track this week: "Well I mean, everybody sort of ran with what I said. You only want to be honest and everybody just kind of went to my inaccuracy, well I guess I was pretty accurate today. But the thing about it is just staying balanced and knowing what you're seeing and being able to just get the ball out to the guys and just give them an opportunity to work and today we were able to do that."

On whether the key to the game is just making adjustments, after maybe not running enough in Oakland and then more at Washington: "Well that's what you do pretty much during the season. Every week it's something else you have to work on and as the week continues on, you polish up something different and you know if it was pass protection if it was the run game, if it was the screen game, whatever it may be, and once you get everything settled up, hopefully by the middle of the season or towards the end you're ready to roll and hopefully everything seems to be clicking. But we've shown spurts of big plays in the run game, big plays in the screen game and big plays in the pass game and if we can all just put that together in one particular game or games back-to-back, it could be explosive."

On the challenges of playing with young guys who haven't been through these circumstances before: "Well the challenge is everybody kind of has a big head and you know just bouncing around like it's going to be like that every week and that's just something that again, you have to make sure everybody calms down, is on the same page and being able to recognize that this game is over and it's time to focus in on another opponent, and obviously an opponent that we have to see twice a year, and a team that I believe played well today. Ever since their bye week, they've been playing well too, so it's going to be a challenge for us no matter what, but just making sure that everybody is one the same page all through practice, being able to recognize what we're seeing, be able to react to it and be very effective."

On if he is back in stride after his rib injury: "Getting there, yes. With the two weeks and then the bye week really helped out in many ways. Each week we've just continued to stay on it and any time a bone bruises or breaks happen, you know for it to fully heal, it's going to take a lot of time. Just continue to just drink milk and take my magnesium, and iron, and zinc and everything else to try to get the bone to fully heal before I get back to 100%."

On if the coaches are going to be more committed to running the ball more for the rest of the year: "Well know what, some games you're going to be able to run the ball well and some games aren't. Any time there is a quarterback where you don't have to throw for 330 yards every game to win the game, it takes pressure off of you and it also puts pressure on defense because if you're just sitting back, dropping back throwing the ball every play, teams can just sit back in the zone and know that you are going to pass. And again, just like they did, just throw their hands up and just try to knock it down. We are applying pressure to the defense by running the ball, screen game, and then intermediate passing game which opens things up downfield."

On if he thinks the offensive line is coming together: "Yes, absolutely. They've been doing a great job. With the rotation and with Nick and Stacy and Max, and then having Todd back for another game healthy, it does a lot for us. I think the chemistry is definitely there with those guys. They're communicating up front, Jamaal had done a wonderful job of just making sure that everybody is on the same page and it just gives myself or the running backs the opportunity to step up in the pocket or running lanes in the running game to be effective."

On FB Leonard Weaver: "Well, you now we don't look at Leonard as just like fullback. Leonard can play halfback. He played halfback in Seattle where he had over 250 carries. So he could be our big back, he also could be our fullback, he is a great pass-catcher and does a great job in blocking game. The whole this about it is you want to be able to spread the wealth. When you lose a guy as dynamic as Brian, you have to share the wealth and that put a lot of pressure on McCoy as a rookie to fill in your shoes. That's just not fair to him and just not fair to the offense."

On the trust between him and his pass-catching options: "It's always a trust factor. I've always said that I trust these guys. We always talk about Brett Celek and DeSean and the way that they've been able to flourish in this offense. And now you see Maclin really stepping up and making big plays for us. And the list goes on. I mean, you have Jason Avant, who we haven't used as much as we have in the past, but, believe me, teams really know about Jason Avant and that slider. He is going to really open things up again. I think any time you go threw a game and everyone had the opportunity to catch the ball and make good plays for you, that says a lot about your offense, that says a lot about the trust we have in those guys, and in the confidence they have that they feel like they can make plays for us."

On what he has learned playing with young talent this year: "That I'm on young too. Feel young."

On if he will try to watch the World Series tonight: "I am. I am. I'm very good friends with Ryan and Jimmy. This will be a big day for them. It reminds me of last year when we beat Atlanta and I went over to the game. I believe that was Game 4 or so, and they won that game. So I look forward to a big win by the Phillies tonight. Ryan Howard to get out of his slump and really get those guys going. We set the tone today."

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