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Game Vs. Giants: Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On his 66-yard touchdown run: "(Jokingly) I thought it was 76-yards. Lately, when I have been running, I have been stuttering a little bit and (RB) Brian (Westbrook) has been coaching me up to just hit the hole and make my move down the field. I just hit it and the line opened up a huge hole. The line played great today. They gave me options; I took it and outran the defense."

On whether they saw something on film that led them to believe they could break long runs: "Yeah, we wanted to get the matchup of our line against their line. Our line stood up and did a great job today. On tape, we thought our line would have an advantage today. We thought we could be successful with the run. That is what happened today and we were successful."

On scoring quick touchdowns on long plays and what that does to a defense: "They were just trying to get something going and gave us the ball; we ran it down the field. It makes it hard for a team to come back, especially once you are already in that hole. We kept putting that pressure on them and after a while a team gives up."

On having balance in the offense today: "I think we just protected (QB) Donovan (McNabb) and ran well. The line blocked so well today. That way, we kept it balanced. We could catch them on the play fakes. It kept them off balanced."

On FB Leonard Weaver's touchdown run: "He is heavy and I didn't think he had the jets, but he proved me wrong."

On the New York-Philadelphia rivalry: "It is weird, because the Phillies and Yankees are playing each other now. It makes the rivalry even better. The whole week the coaches and players talked about this rivalry. I kind of knew a little about it, just being a football fan, but being here, it's bigger than what I thought."

RT Winston Justice

On having a balanced offense today: "It feels good to have a balanced offense. It keeps the defensive front off balanced. Even though they are probably still playing pass though, because they are afraid of that. It still feels good for it to be balanced. God willing we get to keep it up."

On Weaver's TD today: "It makes a big difference when we score on the first drive on the run. Leonard Weaver is a great player and I am happy he scored. He's also a friend, so it feels good. It absolutely got our momentum going."

On whether he thinks the Giants were shocked to be down 13 points that early in the game: "I don't know if they were shocked. They kept playing hard though. Hats off to them, they never quit. They kept coming at us, even to the last minute."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On how the offense seemed to be clicking today: "I think we went back throughout the week and made corrections. I think this was something we were always capable of and I think it's something we should be doing on a week-to-week basis."

On how everyone on the offense had to step up with Westbrook out of the lineup: "Obviously, when one guy goes down, the rest of the unit has to step up. I think LeSean and Weav(er) did an excellent job running the ball. When we get Westbrook back, we have another guy to use to make plays. Guys did a good job today."

On the message it sends being able to put up 40 points on the Giants: "I don't think it was a message to everybody else as much as it was a message to ourselves. We can do that against anybody. I think that is what we want to do and I don't think that is the last time we are going to do that."

On his touchdown catch today: "I got inside position on the defensive back and (QB) Donovan (McNabb) drove it in there and gave me a chance to make a play on the ball. That was a great throw. He kept me away from the safety and gave me a chance to make a play."

FB Leonard Weaver:

On what open field felt like: "Oh man, it felt spacious. It was great. You don't get many opportunities as a fullback to feel what open field is. It was a great opportunity and I give God all the glory for it."

On how it felt to get the ball a bit more today: "It was kind of a shock at first. During the week, I really didn't run the ball. It felt good to know that (head coach) Andy Reid and (offensive coordinator) Marty (Morninweg) would trust me in that way and trust me enough to give it to me a couple of times."

On how he felt about the offensive line's performance today: "Like I said, those guys are awesome. Today, they did exactly what I told you they were going to do. Those guys can block. They opened up the holes and I trust them with all I got."

TE Brent Celek

On the offense's performance today: "I think we had some great drives today. You are going to get big plays and we had them today. Those are great and hopefully we can have them every week, but you like to have long consistent drives and I think a few times we did. I hope our offense plays like this week in and week out for the rest of the season."

On being able to attack the middle of the field today: "They were running a lot of 2-man, so they ran two deep and a man underneath. We were able to take advantage of it."

On making big plays in the running game and whether the offense took a big step today: "I think so. Leonard made a great play on his touchdown. It was a great rush; he broke a tackle and took it to the house. LeSean did the same thing. So, I think we ran the ball a bit better today. We always have room to improve, but it's a long season and we are continuing to get better."

On when he felt during the game that it was going the Eagles way: "At the very beginning it was going our way. I felt before the game that our team had energy. We came out firing and we kept it the whole game. We played great today."

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether he can score a touchdown inside 50-yards: "I am just being put in some great positions to go out there and get long touchdowns. Whatever it is we have to do to make it work, that is what we are going to do."

On what the offense saw from the Giants on his long touchdown play: "All week in practice, we knew that if they ran a cover-2 on that play, it was going to be great for us. We run that play a lot and I cross the field. So, I faked the cross and rode it back out, there was nobody else there and Donovan made a great throw."

On whether he was shocked to be that open: "Not necessarily, we kind of knew that if they ran a cover-2, that play would be there."

On whether he could tell that McNabb was in a groove today: "He was out there flying around and throwing the ball. He was pumped up. It was great to see him like that. It was like he was out there during his young days. As long as he keeps playing like that, he is unstoppable."

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