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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(DE) Chris Clemons has an AC sprain and we'll see how he does. (LB) Chris Gocong had a quad contusion and a hamstring strain on the same leg, so we'll see how that works out. (DT Broderick) Bunkley went out for a little bit, but he came back in with a strained knee. He ended up being okay."

On the victory: "I'd like to just thank the fans. They were awesome today, loud, intimidating, and so on. I was proud of our guys for battling after a short week. That's a tough thing to do when you come off a Monday Night game against a physical football team like Washington, and to be able to come back and play another physical football team like New York, I was proud of the guys for that. The coordinators did a heck of a job with their game plans in a short period of time. They did a very nice job. (QB Donovan) McNabb, the offensive line, the wide receivers, and (TE Brent) Celek continues to play at a very high level while producing tough, clutch yards. He's done a nice job. We had two running back gain over 75 yards, and it was good to get (FB Leonard) Weaver involved in the running game. You saw a little bit of his skill there. He's a big guy and a physical runner. (RB) LeSean (McCoy) also had a nice run there. The three turnovers, that starts up front with the pressure from the defensive line and the blitzes and so on so we can put pressure on the quarterback to force some turnovers. Our guys played physical on defense, which is very important against that team, because I have a lot of respect for Eli (Manning) and their offensive line and young wide receivers who are explosive players. I thought (Ellis) Hobbs did a tremendous job as a kickoff returner. He gave us great field position. Obviously the kickoff return team did a nice job, but (Hobbs) hit that thing and he hit it hard. My hat goes off to him."

On whether he expected FB Leonard Weaver to have an increased role in the game: "We did. We really weren't sure about (RB) Brian (Westbrook). As the week went on, one day he was feeling pretty good, but then he'd wake up and he wasn't feeling too good. I wasn't sure exactly during the week whether (Westbrook) was going to be able to go or not, but we had Weaver ready just in case. Actually we thought that we might be able to get (RB Eldra) Buckley a couple of carries, but as it worked out, it wasn't until the end that we were able to do that. We thought we could mix it up a little bit if Brian (Westbrook) wasn't able to go."

On the play of the Eagles offensive line: "I thought they did a heck of job. On their defensive line, they have two groups there that are pretty good, so you have to bring your A game. I was proud of the way they handled it."

On how the team could play so well today two weeks after struggling in Oakland: "I don't know. When I can explain those things, I'll be undefeated. Sometimes those things are hard to explain."

On contributions made by the young players on the Eagles roster: "We have a good blend of young guys and old guys. I think the old guys have done a nice job of bringing the new guys along and sharing things with them. Sometimes you don't see that on a team. They're a big part of this football teams, whether they're first-year or second-year guys who are contributing in big ways. They had big days today."

On QB Donovan McNabb's reaction along with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg following the 64-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson prior to halftime: "That was heck of a call. Donovan was fired up, because (the Giants) played it just like we hoped they would play it. Sometimes those things don't work out. Marty had a good feel on it, he and Donovan had talked about it, and it was a great job on both their parts. (WR) DeSean) Jackson did a nice job of getting that safety to flip his hips, and he was able to break back off of that."

On whether the recent offensive big plays can be attributed to scheming or execution: "I think it's both. It's a combination of the coaches and players. (Offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) is doing a great job of putting the calls in and putting the guys in a good position to make those plays. I will say that (WR Jeremy) Maclin's play, I thought that was a great play. He was covered, but Donovan had a tremendous amount of trust in him. He was actually double-covered and had to catch that thing in a lot of traffic there. DeSean's play was just a great call and a great route by DeSean."

On the run-pass balance of the offensive play-calling: "It was something that we felt we needed to do against the Giants. Every game is different and every defense presents itself different. This defense here is an explosive defense, so it's important that you play physical football both in the pass game and run game equally."

On the play of T Winston Justice and the scheme used against the Giant defensive ends: "I thought Winston played very well just on his own. On most of our plays, he wasn't being helped. Both of their ends are great players. We helped out on the other side too, so it was pretty balanced there in terms of when we helped and who we helped. You have two Pro Bowl defensive ends (Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck), so we learned a couple of years ago that you respect those guys. It just wasn't Winston the last time, although he's taken the brunt of it. He had four out of the 12 sacks. We had to respect that whole group."

On whether he expects RB Brian Westbrook to play next week: "He actually feels pretty good right now. I kind of took a cautious route, but I think that it was important that we didn't force the issue."

On whether Westbrook was able to perform the aerobic activity needed prior to his return: "He actually did it Friday, and he was able to crank it out after we talked. I haven't talked to him right now, so I can't tell you if he has a headache or not, but he didn't before (the game)."

On whether the Eagles have a certain level of confidence when they play the Giants: "When you play the NFC East teams, you come in and you just prepare for a heavyweight fight. We have confident guys, and they're confident in all of their games, but at the same time you have to prepare for a heavyweight boxing match. That's the way our guys went about business this week against another NFC East team."

On the Eagle defensive line getting pressure on Giant quarterback Eli Manning without blitzing: "We always talk about winning your individual battle, whether you're blitzing or not blitzing. You want to make sure you have a plan there, and we have defensive linemen that can do that. (defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) is doing a great job of rotating a great job of rotating personnel in with (defensive line coach) Rory (Segrest), and utilizing a bunch of different personnel groups, whether it's an actual defensive lineman or (Chris) Clemons who is kind of a tweener defensive lineman/linebacker type (player). (McDermott) has been creative with the things that he's doing with those guys. I thought he had a heck of plan to put the guys in great position. The defensive linemen came in and won some individual battles up front which put a little pressure on them without bringing that extra guy or two."

On the play of FS Sean Jones: "I'll look at the film, but he was going to be the guy this week, and then we were going to rotate Macho (Harris) in during certain personnel groups. (Sean Jones) was going to be the base guy and the nickel guy. I thought he did a decent job, but with safeties, you have to look at the film and see how things went."

On whether Sean Jones would have started at free safety even if Macho Harris was healthy enough to play: "Yes."

On why Leonard Weaver carried the football more today than fullbacks have in the past: "He's a guy who has been a primary ballcarrier when he was with Seattle, so we know he can carry the football. We've given it to him a few times, but obviously not as much as today. Maybe we'll give it to him a couple more times."

On whether Weaver can play a larger role than that of a traditional fullback: "I think one of his strengths is carrying the football."

On the importance of this game to QB Donovan McNabb: "I think he did a nice job in his preparation. He does a good job every week in his preparation. He's working through a couple of wrinkles there, and you forget that he's coming off of a rib injury for which most guys are out four-to-six weeks, but he was able to work his way in. He's a big tough guy who has worked his way through it."

On the Eagles and Phillies facing the Giants and Yankees respectively in the same sports complex on the same day, and whether he will watch Game 4 of the World Series later tonight: "What a great day it is in Philadelphia with two games against the same city teams. I'm not sure that happens very often. It will be a great atmosphere with the fans of Philadelphia and I'll be watching it. (Manager) Charlie (Manuel) has done a great job with the Phillies and they are going to bounce back tonight."

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