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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: "On the injury front, Kevin Curtis has a concussion and we'll just see how he does this week. I'm proud of the guys. It was a heck of a football game. Both sides of the football, special teams. I know we had that one blocked field goal there that gave them a little momentum, but I thought David came back and had a great one with a 51-yarder in windy conditions. I've got to give credit to the coordinators for a great game plan. I thought the guys executed like crazy. Third down, offense and defense, I thought it was a terrific job there. All in all, a good win against a very good opponent."

This was a team that a lot of people were hyping to repeat what they did last year. For your club, at this point of the season, to come in here and get this, what does that do for your belief in the locker room?"The guys worked hard, pushed through the ups and downs, and we're getting a little healthier. All those things are important. You're going to have some highs and lows, and you can talk about them, but you've got to go out there and execute the way they're executing. I'm proud of them."

What about the offensive line and the running game today?"I thought both lines, offensive and defense, just played their hearts out. Anytime you can have the yardage that we did, and the pressure on Eli when we did. When you stop the running game like that. It was a great job by those front guys."

Talk about at halftime when the Giants elected to give you the ball, and you took away some momentum with that big drive. How big was that? "Wind was a factor. When you defer at the beginning, those things happen. I thought that first drive was good. We could have done a little better job at the end of it, but those things happen."

Talk about Brian Westbrook making some big plays. "Yeah, Brian is playing well right now. We just keep him going. The offensive line takes a lot of pride in getting him yardage, and he's running like a wild man right now. We've got to keep that rolling."

When you called the timeout at the end of the first quarter to preserve kicking at that end, did David show something in warm-ups or was there a set distance you were willing to go back to? "Yeah, Rory (Segrest) did a nice job with David of letting me know where we needed to be and so on. I probably should have called it sooner. I didn't quite get there as fast as I needed. I didn't expect to lose yardage on that play. Had I gotten there sooner, we could have had the field goal and the wind on the kickoff. A little too slow for that."

Was this LJ (Smith)'s best performance of the season? "Well, he's had some good ones, but he played very well. He's not feeling well today, but he came out and he pushed through it. You weren't going to get him out of the game. He wanted the football, he blocked well and so on."

How about you ability to control the ball in the second half? "Yeah that's attributed to the o-line. Anytime you can control the football with the run game, we didn't throw much. That big offensive line, boy they took charge there. I have to give them credit."

What were some of the factors that led to your commitment to the running game today?"Well, it was working well. And the conditions were probably a little more conducive to running the football than throwing the football. Although I thought Donovan did a nice job there when he had the opportunity."

When you prepared the gamplan, was it contingent on the weather, or did you come back in on Wednesday when you were going to put it all together with the idea that you were going to run the football."My administrative assistant, he was talking about the wind early. We've got some pretty good weather guys in Philadelphia. We came in thinking it was going to be a little windy, and we had to make sure we got the run game where we wanted it."

Nick Cole is your third right guard this season. You seemed to run a lot of plays over the middle of that line in the A-gaps. How do you think he played? "Well, Nick's a good player. I haven't watched the film on it, but it looked like he played pretty well. We have a lot of trust in Nick, we always have. He can play guard or center, and he's a good football player."

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