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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "The x-rays on the neck of (CB Ellis) Hobbs were negative, and he'll have a MRI in the morning. (DE Juqua Parker) had his hip flexor strain bothering him, so he didn't finish the game. We'll just see how he does."

Opening Remarks: "It was a heck of a football game. It was good to see our team react. This is a young team playing against a tough NFC East opponent, and to get down and then come back and show that fight, it will help us out down the road. It wasn't pretty. There were some good individual performances. (WR Jeremy) Maclin and (RB) LeSean (McCoy) had big nights, along with (CB) Asante (Samuel). I thought our offensive and defensive lines did a good job. (The Giants) were giving us some overload blitzes in there where they were bringing one extra (man) and (QB) Michael (Vick) had to move around and make throws, and do that type of thing. From my standpoint as a head coach, it was good to see this football team in that position, and to fight back and win the game. My hat goes off to the Giants. They have a good football team, and (these games) are always knockdown, drag out. That's what this game was."

On whether he is surprised to have a 7-3 record at this point in the season: "I don't think so. I expect the guys to play well. My expectations for them are great. That's the way we keep it. We go into every game trying to win. I wish we could have had the other three. That's how you go about it. In life you're not greedy, but in the National Football League you're greedy. You want to play as aggressively and tenaciously as possible every week."

On the play of the Eagles defense: "They were flying around. They were hitting people and flying around. I know (CB) Asante (Samuel) got called on one, but I have to go back and take a peak at that. It looked like it was a shoulder to me. I had my glasses checked during the bye week, but I might need to get them checked again. It looked like it was a shoulder, but I'm probably wrong."

On the decision to go for a 4th-and-1 running play after an incomplete pass on 3rd-and-1: "(New York) had been zero blitzing, meaning no safety in the middle. They had been doing that throughout the game. We had that toss in, and we thought we could hit it if they came with a zero blitz. Our guys sure did a nice job. (QB) Michael (Vick) did a nice job of handling the ball. It looked like there was a mishandle there. (RB LeSean) McCoy hit that son-of-a-gun like no other. That was a good one."

On the running game struggling early: "(New York) put an extra guy up in the box, but we still have to be able to run the football against that. They did that, and we thought it would open up some things in the pass game. We had a couple of drops, including drops in the end zone. Easily this team could have gotten down when the Giants came back, but they didn't. They fought through the drops, and started picking things up. I thought the offensive line did a good job. (New York) has a heck of a defense - the number one defense in the National Football League."

On whether he had a sense for how badly CB Ellis Hobbs was injured on the second half kickoff return: "It looked like it was bad. It doesn't look now like there was a fracture, but we'll get an MRI in the morning. Off of the x-ray, there was no fracture. It didn't look good when I was out there. He was trying to fight to get up, but we just kept him down on the ground to make sure everything was okay. I'm hoping the MRI turns out okay for him."

On whether Hobbs suffered a concussion in addition to his neck injury: "I don't know. They took him off on a board."

On what he said to Hobbs when he came out on the field: "When I talked to him, I just made sure he stayed there (on the ground). You try to immobilize his head so that you can get him on that board. He was upset, because he wanted to get up and go. Sometimes that happens in those situations. I told him to stay down there and trust the guys that were working with him. I said, 'Let's just make sure things are okay, and let's not do anything stupid here.'"

On whether QB Michael Vick had the option of either keeping the ball or pitching it to RB LeSean McCoy on the 4th-and-1 play which resulted in a 50-yard McCoy touchdown run: "No, that was a called play. (Offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did a great job with that."

On the turnovers caused by the Eagles defense: "They were flying around. That's the best way I can put it, because they were very aggressive. (Defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) had an unbelievable game plan. (Giants quarterback) Eli (Manning) has been on fire. (Giants WR Hakeem) Nicks is a local kid whose dad is like the biggest Eagles fan in the world, so I'm sure he was torn on this one. That kid (Nicks) played his heart out, and Eli (Manning) is a warrior. My hat's off to our defense for being able to stop them."

On whether he thought the officials might overturn the fumble by Giants quarterback Eli Manning: "We had one of those plays before - same team and same situation. The guys up in our box told me that it was a fumble for sure, so I thought we would get it."

On the play of CB Asante Samuel: "He did a nice job with a couple of interceptions and a fumble recovery. I thought he played very well. He's been playing well all year. I thought he was physical. He had a couple of big tackles, including one on the tight end, and that one big shot there that he got called for."

On the play of QB Michael Vick: "This was an important game for him. It's very important to battle through when a team is coming after you, bringing extra people, you're getting hit and knocked around, and things might not be going as smoothly as you want. You have to fight, and that's what he did. That's the only part we haven't seen. You guys (the media) have asked me about that, so you saw it. He battled his tail off."

On winning in comeback fashion: "It's an important game. They're all important, but this part of it, we needed to do. The guys buckled down and they all trusted each other. You saw the offense cheering for the defense, and the defense cheering for the offense. They weren't hanging their heads. They kept battling, and I'm proud of them for that."

On the play of DT Antonio Dixon: "He's a big, strong, physical player. It's important to have somebody in the middle like that. We're getting (DT Brodrick) Bunkley back healthy. Bunk got a lot of quality snaps tonight also. (DT Mike) Patterson gets zero credit since he's been here, but he's just so consistent and tough and he doesn't miss snaps. He's a stud. (DT Trevor) Laws has also picked up his game. (Antonio) Dixon is a big part of this. For him to come on the way he has against these power running teams, and to help solidify that thing inside is big for us."

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