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Game Vs. Giants: HC Andy Reid

*Opening Remarks: *"(CB) Nnamdi (Asomugha) got poked in the eye. It was reported that he was going to Wills Eye Hospital. We reported that, but we had a doctor here from Wills who cleared him after we made the statement. Nnamdi started to feel better as (the game) went along and he was able to come back in and return. He feels good now. We were on top of it, but we did get it out a little prematurely.

"Any time you can win an NFC East game in this manner against what I consider a great football team, it's a compliment to the team, the coaches, the players, and the fans for the support that they gave. Starting with Brian Dawkins and the retiring of his number, (the fans) just continued right on through. Are there things we need to get better at? Yes, there are. There are things that we actually got better at during the game. I thought the offensive line progressively kind of found themselves as the game went on in both the run game and the pass game. They were able to block obviously well enough to where (RB LeSean) McCoy, who got very few yards in the first half, came back and had big numbers in the end. (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) had a couple of plays that he'd like to have back. I'm not sure on one of them. But I know the interception was a fine play, a great play. We needed that at that time. (K) Alex Henery made all of his kicks and did a nice job on his kickoffs. We surely have to do better on the kickoff coverage team. It wasn't near good enough. We won the turnover battle, but we lost the field position battle. Give credit to (QB) Michael (Vick) for managing the game the way he did and bouncing back. He really played a nice game and made some very big throws and had some big runs. Hats off to the football team."

On QB Michael Vick limiting turnovers tonight:"He had the interceptions in the beginning, and he had the fumbles, so now he had no turnovers. That's a good thing, and we're making progress in the right direction. He's been knocking the rust off from not playing. This game is so stinking fast that if you have no snaps in the preseason and you're asked to come out and play at a high level against the football teams we're playing against, particularly against the defenses we're playing against, it's tough. It's tough for anybody. As great of a player as he is, it's tough. He found himself tonight, and he did a nice job with it."

On sticking with the run in the second half: "We thought the run was working. We started off with a couple of big ones. We came out in the first drive of the second half and we really put together a nice drive. Within that, we had a couple of big runs that worked. We need to punch it in (the end zone) and not make this game quite so close, but we'll work on that too. The runs were good."

*On whether he wished he could take back the timeout he called prior to Giant kicker Lawrence Tynes first missed 54-yard field goal attempt: *"When you're surrounded by 66,000 people that want to probably rip your throat out at that time, yes I did. That's about 20-fold what Custer felt."

On whether he was surprised the Giants offense stayed aggressive on their final drive despite already being in field goal range: "I figured they would. They had success with it, so I figured they'd continue to try to score a touchdown there."

On whether the Giants defense blitzed less as the game progressed: "They continued to blitz, so that part they did. That stayed consistent. We were able to get the ball out a little quicker. I thought (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did a heck of a job calling (plays). Receivers were getting themselves open, and the offensive line and running backs - everybody picked up their game, and we actually got into a rhythm, which was huge. We haven't been able to get that the last few games, but we were able to do that."

On whether QB Michael Vick went through the correct progression on the third down play in the final drive: "He was going to read that side with (WR) Jason (Avant), and then the over route there with the receiver. If he had an opportunity to run it in, go ahead and run it in. If not, just get down, and we'll kick a field goal and do what we have to do there. You obviously don't want any turnovers there, and you don't need to force anything."

On whether he was surprised that QB Michael Vick did not force a pass into the end zone on the third down play that resulted in a field goal attempt: "That didn't surprise me, no."

On whether QB Michael Vick seemed to play smarter and more conservatively as the game went along: "We're talking about a great player here. I want to make sure we understand that. He is a great player. He got caught in a few turnovers early here. He got caught in a few at the beginning of last year, but then he kind of settled it down and played very good football down the stretch. This is what I expect of him. You asked me the question if I had trust in him making the right decision? I thought he would do the right thing. That's how I felt."

On the Eagles three victories all coming in dramatic fashion: "The guys are battling. These are good football teams we're playing against. I like the personality of the team and I like the grit. They are willing to fight. We had a bump last week, and it wasn't real pretty. But they came back and battled against a good football team that was coming off a couple of extra days of rest. It was a fresh football team that had time to prepare for us, and we battled right to the end and ended up coming up as winners."

On the play of C Dallas Reynolds and LT Demetress Bell: "I thought they did a decent job. I thought the whole offensive line in general was just a little shaky at the beginning, but we settled down and picked things up a little better. We were getting the ball out quicker, and it was just a good combination of things. It was good rhythm that we got into as the game went on."

On what opposing defenses are doing to slow down the Eagles pass rush: "They are chipping and banging. They are keeping an extra guy in and chipping. (Defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo) had a nice rhythm going with blitzes where he was singling guys up and also with a four-man rush."

On how QB Michael Vick handled the Giants blitzes: "I thought he did a nice job. I thought the receivers got open and Mike did a nice job against it."

On what he saw on the two defensive pass interference calls during the Giants final offensive drive: "I saw what the officials saw. I think."

On the play of DT Fletcher Cox: "He did a nice job of getting push. He really did throughout the game. He did a nice job of getting push. He got a lot of snaps today, and I thought he played well."

On the play of CB Brandon Hughes: "I thought he did a good job actually. I thought he played very well. He surely didn't shy away from the competition there. He was right up in there battling."

On the atmosphere surrounding the retirement of Brian Dawkins' number: "Dawk was fired up. He talked to our team yesterday, and he did a great job with that. You have to give the organization credit. The Luries did a phenomenal job of putting together a real special weekend for Brian and his family. It was unbelievable the things that went on. You can tell he was probably a fan-favorite, right? You know why. If he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame, I don't know who should."

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