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Game vs. Giants: Giants Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening statement: "That was just a typical Eagle/Giant game. I mean, it was a battle. They come out different ways whether 16-13, or in this case, whatever the score was 36-31. The games are right down to the wire and really physical and competitive. Both teams playing as hard as they can play and squeezing every inch out of every situation. So, the Eagles are a good football team and we are very proud to have come over here and won. There's some things that have to be, obviously, done better and that's always the case. But, as far as the way in which our guys approach the game, the heart with which they play they were just outstanding."

On LB Chase Blackburn's play at the end: "Great. Just one of those. You know, Chase went down, he's the guy that was pouring himself through the wedge there, getting in position to help us stop that kickoff return. So, that was a huge play and he's the guy on the spot for that play."

On how sure he was when challenging the illegal pass play:"Upstairs they were pretty sure. His foot was on the line, but it was not over the line. That's how the rule is stated."

* On what a win like this on the road does for the team:*
"I think we pretty much have been battle tested. We did win on the road last year. Obviously, it's great to come over here and win. It means a lot to us and it reinforces everything we believe in about team and supporting each other and battling; finding, somehow, a way to win the game. It provides a really good feeling of confidence for us although, you give credit where credit is due. I mean they played a heck of a game."

On what QB Eli Manning thought about challenging the illegal forward pass call: "He wanted to challenge, yes, and upstairs backed it up."

On the play of the offensive line: "There were times when that was the thing that kept us going, the run game. The guys up front, as I say always, want to run the ball and we did a nice job. Really it gets frustrating sometimes when you can't get into the end zone, but we did a good job with it tonight. The offensive line must have played well because we know the quality of their defense. It was a battle. It was a physical battle and we were able to rush the ball and get some consistency with that. I wasn't pleased with the amount of times the ball was on the ground, but as far as blocking, clearing the way and physically being in position to get some things going, I thought and in order to go along with that the tight ends have to do their job and the fullback of course has to do its job as well. Disappointed we didn't get the punt return. That was a great effort. [WR] Domenik [Hixon] did a great job there. It's just a shame that it had to be called back."

On how much of the game plan was focused on stopping #36 Brian Westbrook:"Well he's the guy. You try. You don't necessarily get it done, but you try. He's the guy that everybody has to know where he is because they line him up in so many different spots."

On what it means that the team was able to respond to so many difficult situations: "We're resilient. They fight. They don't get down and even when it didn't look as good as it should have. We go out and we turn the ball over and the score it right away. You know, the first half they got 14 points off of our turnovers and they were not necessarily, the second one was absolutely point blank range, but it was close. But the guys hang in there. They support one another, fight for each other. You see the defensive guys out on the field greeting the offensive guys and vice versa and that's all good stuff."

On where that resiliency and fight comes from: "Well they are all like that. It's character in the locker room, it's believing in the program, believing in themselves, supporting each other, the view of team. I think that's where it comes from."

* On RB Brandon Jacobs fumble while he tried to hurdle a defender:*
"You know one week they cut him down, it looks like he could have scored if he gets a little elevation because they're coming so low on him. The next week he's up in the air and he's literally knocked around. He's turning around, 360 degrees, and some how the ball just leaves his side. They're very good at that. We talked about that. They're ball strippers and they go for the ball and they get the ball out. It was shocking. We gain eight yards right there at the end of the game and then on second and third on two we can't make the first down and the ball comes out on third down. I mean that can't happen. That is the game. I mean there's five points there. They would have had the ball on the forty yard line."

* On what he saw from the sideline on the illegal forward pass play:*
"You have to see it and you have to listen to the player but from upstairs they were saying that his foot might have been on the line but he wasn't over the line. Yes, with the naked eye I wasn't sure. I was back behind the play. I was pretty sure and then upstairs they were sure**."

On the outlook of the team and the meaning of another division win: **

"This game is all we focused on this week and everyone is aware of the quality of the game, the quality of the opponent, what the win means so on a so forth. We obviously spent the week preparing for this and I'm really happy with what we got.

* On the idea of activating two kickers for today's game:*
"I just felt like that gave us the best chance to win. I though that [K] Lawrence Tynes, his ability to kick the ball off and put the ball down deep and I thought that [K] John [Carney] has done such a great job with us. Accuracy on field goals, having Lawrence come back and only playing one preseason game let him get some work before any kind of decision is made on that. I just thought that was the best way for us to win."

* On whether Tynes was going to be used for longer kicks and Carney for shorter ones:*
"Well that was the idea. People wanted to know, 'What is long yardage?' As soon as I say what the number is, then everybody's got the cannon fire."

On the troubles with returns today: "That's a heck of a returner. We're not the first ones to have trouble."

* On whether the kicks were long enough:*
"We'd like to take him out of the game. The last one was I think two yards deep in the end zone. I think there was one at the seven with good hang time though."

On what the procedure is in listening to the coaches upstairs when reviewing a play: "Each guy has a job up there for defense/offense. Before I do anything I ask, 'Have you seen it?' and then you want to stall around until you get some kind of feeling for what they see. Then you have to make a decision."

On what statement, if any, did this team make tonight with a win: "I don't know. It's a road win against a really good football team and in the division. I mean, that's the statement. We go back and re-group, we study the next guy and get ready for the next guy."

On whether RB Brandon Jacobs was too shaken up after the fumble to go back in: "I don't think so. I couldn't tell you exactly that because I didn't think he was. Nobody reported to me on that.

On whether Jacobs didn't go in because he was dazed or because of the rotation: "We had three guys playing tonight."

On who is upstairs on the other end to help with the judgment calls and reviews: "We have two of them. Mike Sullivan and Chris Palmer are both upstairs offensively David Merritt and Bill Sheridan are up there defensively."

On who gave him the go ahead to challenge: "It's mutual. If someone saw it differently they would say it."

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