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Game Vs. Falcons: QB Kevin Kolb

On the long pass to WR Jeremy Maclin and how it was set up: "It was something that we had been working on for a while. We had to just get the right situation for it. Beforehand, (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did an unbelievable job dialing up things the (at) right time today and that was one of them. They were in a running-type of defense. We had a good little fake there, got the safety to jump it and my mentality was if it was one-on-one, I was going to throw it. And it was none-on-one, so it was a nice surprise."

On how the Eagles were able to answer every time the Falcons seemed to mount a comeback: "It was very important and we let a lot of stuff slip away. We left a lot of points out there. My pick before the half was a huge turning point, so that was frustrating, but the defense answered. We answered at times. Special teams answered and so that was another good team win. That's the kind you want to have."

On going back to the bench after today's performance: "You always want to play and we're excited about today, all of us. We have confidence in whoever is out there. And I think that's the way the team approaches it. I really do. I want to be out there, again, I trust (head coach) Andy (Reid) to make the right decision for everybody and we believe in that. I want to give credit to the offense though because, and really the whole team, but whoever's in there, they've been fighting and doing a heck of a job for both guys. And it's not easy. Right-handed, left-handed, different styles, different cadence. So you have to give credit to them for the week of preparation we've had."

On whether he thinks he answered the people who said he doesn't have enough arm strength: "Well, I don't ever doubt it and I think the guys when they see me throw it in practice and of course we've had some game-breakers too. They don't doubt it either. So that's never a question on our part. But I guess if there needed to be an answer, then today was a decent day for it. I was glad to get those big plays right off the bat. It helped us get juiced up and keep it going."

On how they answered the Falcons after they moved a safety into the box after WR DeSean Jackson went down: "Play calling was a lot of it. And shoot, the offensive line, not only in pass protection, but the way we were able to run the ball there at the end and run some time down and get down there in the red zone, that was impressive, especially for how banged up we've been. I know that there's going to be a lot of credit at my position, but I'm telling you across the board guys fought their tails off and that's what's most impressive about this victory."

On whether balance in the offense has been a factor in the success this week: "Yeah, it's been part of it and (RB) LeSean (McCoy) and (RB Eldra) Buckley did a heck of a job tonight and (FB Owen) Schmitt of course blocking for him. Play (action) opens up stuff for us. Get one-on-one out there and you know how talented our guys are when that happens and we were able to do both things today."

On whether it's fair that after he lost his job due to injury and how well QB Michael Vick played that Vick will start after Kolb's performance today: "I'm not going to get into that. I know it's a unique situation, but again, from my experience, Andy has always thought things through very thoroughly. And he always has a rhyme and reason and they usually turn out the right way for why he does stuff. And so, again, I'll just trust and believe and so will the teammates."

On whether he has achieved enough to merit being the starting QB: "I'm just out there trying to play the game. Guys are patting me on the back and there are four or five times that I made bonehead plays today. You just concentrate on what you do and you try to play the position the best you know how and keep improving every week. That's all I can do."

On how DeSean Jackson appeared immediately after he was injured and what advice he can offer having recently experienced a similar injury: "Take it seriously because it is serious. I just felt so bad, you know, because I'm part of the play and never saw the guy. We're just hoping for the best. I saw his arm move a little bit because they were messing with his neck. It's just never a good situation when they're both laying like that. I hope their guy (CB Dunta Robinson) is okay as well. DeSean is a tough guy. I know he'll be back out there when he can but we have to take this concussion thing super serious because it is."

On whether he was able to take a step back and gain a new perspective while he was injured earlier in the season: "Yeah. One thing that I really saw stepping back was the way Mike (Vick) plays the game, to be honest with you. He's out there just playing the game. Sometimes, as a quarterback, you want to execute things so efficiently and you want to get it in the right guy's hands and that kind of stuff, that you forget to just play the game. I think that's kind of what Mike helped me with so that's what I keep reiterating to myself. I've been doing that for a lot of years now. Just go out and play the game and don't worry about all of the execution things of who to get the ball to. Think through your stuff and play the game."

On whether he got caught up in the hoopla leading up to his first game as a starter this season as the replacement to Donovan McNabb: "No, I don't think it's that at all. I think it was just me wanting to be perfect with my execution. It's more on me. It's just the perfectionist that I am. I think it helps me at times too but there's a balance. There's a really fine line with letting it go and trying to be perfect with everything. Vick, up to that point, hadn't gotten a whole lot of reps and just stepped in and played the game. When you go back and watch the film, there's little things where you say, 'Man, he's just playing ball,' and that's kind of what I'm talking about. That's what I had to get back to and it helped me get back to that."

On whether he ever doubted at the start of the season that he could handle the starting QB position: "No, I never lacked confidence because although people don't see it, in training camp, practices and, of course, the couple of games that I've played in, there are just certain things that click and you say, 'Okay, the game has slowed down a lot. I saw that perfectly.' When you do that, that's what confidence is. It's not the touchdown passes. It's whenever you see things clearly. That's what a quarterback always wants to get to and that's what I think both of us have accomplished."

On who would be the starting QB if he were the head coach: "I'm not even getting into that. No way."

On his comfort level today in comparison to the games he started in the 2009 season: "Very similar. Today the game was pretty slow to me. Again, I thought I saw things very clearly and that's what is important. When it gets like that, then you start to get into a rhythm and you trust things. I thought I had some of that last year and I feel like I have some of it this year. Like I said, there's always stuff to improve on. There were four or five of them out there that I let slip away today."

On how the offensive linemen performed today: "Unbelievable. They really were. The one sack was my fault. Totally my fault so in my mind, they gave up no sacks. Again, the running game and the way they've been able to patchwork guys in and out of there and for (T) King (Dunlap) to step up and do the job he did. Not only that, but the play calling and setting up certain things at certain times that helped those guys out. Marty (Mornhinweg) and the rest of the staff did a heck of a job with that kind of stuff. We always have confidence in whoever is out there."

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