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Game Vs. Falcons: Locker Room Defense

*DT Trevor Laws *

On what the game plan was for the defense for today's game: "Just stay in your gap. Everyone do your job, no one try get up field and make a crazy play. Everyone doing what they do and let the defense work the way it's supposed to work. Just get set on the edge, people stayed in their lanes, and we made plays when we needed to."

On how much the early 14-point lead helped: "Oh, it helps. When they make it one-dimensional, it's game-over as far as I'm concerned. Our pass rushers are on the field, our defensive backs are able to go to work, (DE) Trent Cole is going to work. We just changed everything like getting them away from the run game, which is what they've been great at all year."

DE Trent Cole

On the statement the Eagles made by beating the 4-1 Atlanta Falcons: "We made a big statement. We're a great team even though we've had some ugly games. We're a good team and we need to make improvements in certain areas, but we came out here and did what we were supposed to do, and we came out with a great win."

On what the key was in solving Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan and the whole Atlanta offense: "It was pressure. The key was to get pressure on Matt Ryan. I know we stopped the run, so they had to go to the passing game. The Falcons did a good job by putting some points on the board. When it comes to pass-rushers, I think we're a deadly defense."

On how the NFC is wide-open for any team at this point, especially after knocking off the top team this week: "I think it's wide-open. There's a lot of things going on ion the NFC. It's probably going to take two or three games before anyone knows what's going to happen and to see who the dominant team is."

LB Moise Fokou

On how the defense stopped the run so effectively: "Honestly it's just an attitude and also a great coaching plan by coach (Sean McDermott). He studied them, he studied them good. He came out with a good game plan and we executed it."

On whether he feels this was one of his better personal games: "It was just me getting more comfortable with the scheme. I always had it in me. I'm just getting more comfortable out there."

On whether he feels the defense surprised the Atlanta Falcons: "We really had to jump on them. A couple weeks ago versus the (Washington) Redskins, we were kind of flat in the first quarter. We knew we had to come out here and jump on them early, if not we knew it was going to be a real battle."

*CB Asante Samuel *

On coming out strong against the Atlanta Falcons in the first half: "I have to give credit to my defensive coordinator, Sean McDermott. He called a real good game plan. We wanted to come out aggressive early on, by keeping the pressure on. That leaves the corners wide open, so we had to step up to the challenge"

On his key interception in the second quarter: "On that pick-off, I was in a blitz-coverage. I kind of saw the ball settling on (TE Tony) Gonzalez's head, so I had to make a decision on whether he was going to drop it, while trying to read the direction of the play."

On whether stopping the run was a point of emphasis for today's game: "We definitely wanted to stop the run and we wanted to tackle as much as we could. It was good we got some points on them early. It made it a one-sided game, where they just had to throw the ball."

On how the defense left Atlanta no hope at a comeback and avoided squandering a fourth quarter lead: "That's been a problem with the defense so far, late in the game we've had a lead and then we start to give up some easy plays, and then let them come back. That's definitely something we still have to work on."

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