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Game Vs. Falcons: Eagles Offense

WR DeSean Jackson

On the offense's production late in the first half: "It was one of those tough games. It was 0-0 for a while. They scored first and we just felt like we needed to do something to get a spark. We just kept being patient, stayed together and we were able to come out on top."

On QB Donovan McNabb being able to hit receivers: "Early in the game, we had a lot of things planed. We tried to get deep on them and make a big play, we just had to take and give. Sometimes, we are not able to make every play. The thing about this team is that we are going to keep on trying and not give up. We have a lot of players on this team that are capable of doing a lot of good things. We stuck with it, didn't panic and stayed within ourselves."

On the end of the game and whether it was a gut-check situation: "We knew how important this game was. We didn't want to go down 3-4. We got a big win before the bye against 49ers and we wanted to keep that momentum going. There are going to be times that we play ugly and things are not going to be all gold and glitter. We just have to stick together as a team. That is what we do; we don't get down on ourselves. We just keep going."

On the play of RB Brian Westbrook: "Like I told him on the field, 'you're cold.' He's a good running back. I really admire that dude. He's an awesome running back. Any time you have a RB like that in your back field it just makes it easier for (the receivers). With him and (RB Correll) Buckhalter, it just made us feel comfortable. If it wasn't for him breaking that long run, we might not be in this position. Whatever we need to do to get it done that is what we are doing. I am glad he's back."

C Jamaal Jackson

On the importance of getting Brian Westbrook reps during the game: "That is always good. We, as an offensive line, we count the reps our RB has. We always say that if he gets 20 carries, he will get 100-yards. It has held true to this point. We will take it."

On Westbrook being excited before the game and him hyping up the offense: "He was ready. Missing the San Francisco game and then having the bye, that kind of gave him rest to recuperate. It helped tremendously. He was fired up and ready to go."

LT Tra Thomas

On being tired and after the bye week: "I think everybody was tired, because coming off a bye week, you haven't played football and you kind of lose a bit of your wind. I think everybody got a little tired and we just had to dig down and push a little harder."

On his view of the muffed punt in the 4th quarter: "Hey, thank you. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't. This time we got one. We made the best of it."

On how Donovan's moving around the pocket helps the offense: "That helps a lot, because the defense can't tee off, knowing he's just going to sit back there. That changes up the rush a bit when you know you have a quarterback that can move around. I think that helped a lot for us."

On whether it was good to see Donovan move around: "Yeah, but we don't want him to have to do it often. We just have to keep doing our job. But sometimes, it's gonna be a time where he is going to have to cut up field and make something happen. We were glad to see him do that."

On the performance of the offensive line today: "I think our coaches did a great job of calling the right plays so we could get a man on them, stretch it out and get some holes in there. I think (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) and (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did a good job of putting together the right plays for us. Everything just worked out."

WR Kevin Curtis

On how it felt to get back on the field and whether he felt like he could do everything he wanted: "No, it was just a matter of getting back out there. It is a different pace and tempo. It's a whole different speed out there. I haven't really played a game like that since last season. It was good to get my feet wet out there. I was glad I was able to play a lot of snaps. I was not able to stay in as much as I usually would. I didn't have quite the stamina and endurance, but I was able to play quite a bit of the game. I definitely feel like I got my feet wet and I think I am going to be more prepared next week because of it."

On whether he had nerves going into the game: "I was just anxious to get out there. I really didn't have nerves, but it seems like I was just anxious to get out there and for the game to start. It is the end of October and it's my first game of the year for me, so I am just looking forward to getting one under my belt and start getting into that mode."

On whether he felt the adrenaline: "Yeah, definitely. I think I had it going a little too early. It was great to get out there."

On whether there was any hesitation on his part once he got out there: "I tried not to hesitate with anything. It's a game and you have to go all out. It took me some time to get used to everything. But I tried to get out there and play without hesitation."

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