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Game Vs. Dolphins: Head Coach Chip Kelly


Q. What happened to you offensive line after the first quarter?

CHIP KELLY: It looked like we struggled at times to handle the inside guys, specifically Suh [Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh], but we had a little momentum going there for us. We didn't capitalize on that third drive, and then we ended up missing the field goal. Then after that a lot of it was trying to get the quarterback away from them; that's where we ran a lot of nakeds and bootlegs to try to get the quarterback out of the pocket and try to stay away from that rush.

Q. What happened on the missed field goal? Was it a low snap?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, that's what I saw. I mean, I'll have to see the tape to see specifically what, but it looked like it was a low snap.

Q. What about the touchdown and the interception that QB Mark Sanchez threw; what should he do there?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, we had a couple other guys. We were hoping he would just take a peek if you don't have it because they're in coverage. It looked to me like [TE] Brent [Celek] was open underneath, just dump it down, play the next snap and get a positive yardage. We were already in field goal range; that would have put us up. But you obviously want to try to score a touchdown because there's obviously time left in the game. But I haven't talked to Mark specifically about that play, but we had some other options for him underneath.

Q. Do you have an update on QB Sam Bradford's condition?

CHIP KELLY: No, I don't have any updates. I know he had a concussion, that's all I've been told. But I don't meet with the trainers until after this. I think him and [RB] Ryan [Mathews] both had concussions, but I don't have anything else besides that.

Q. The touchdown that got called back on TE Zach Ertz, it is the second time this year it has happened with a penalty, why do these things --

CHIP KELLY: I don't know what the first one is that you're referring to, but I know on this one we weren't set in the formation. We didn't get lined up as fast in terms of snapping the football, and you know, that's what I think is the game; we didn't play smart. We had too many penalties that I think negated big gains for us. A lot of them, I think there are only seven when you look at the game sheet, but there was a lot of them that were offsetting, so we obviously had more than that. But we had way too many penalties on the offensive side of the ball to be productive.

Q. Why couldn't you run the ball against a run defense that came in ranked second to last?

CHIP KELLY: I think, again, I think it looked like we weren't doing a good job handling those guys in the middle.

Q. It looked like Sanchez and RB DeMarco Murray got twisted or tied up together on a few hand-offs. Is that a timing thing there?

CHIP KELLY: No, I mean, obviously when Mark practices during the week, he's only going to get X amount of reps because you need to get your starter ready. But those are things that aren't excuses. We need to be able execute when one guy goes down.

Q. There were two occasions where it looked like WR Miles Austin wasn't ready for the ball to come to him. Are they taught to look at a certain point in their route?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, they are. One of them was a shallow cross, and he should have been looking for the football. I can't remember the other one, but I know on that one, he should have been looking for it. The other one I think you're talking about with [QB] Sam [Bradford] is he was uncovered, but he was just going to block his guy, it was a run play. Sam tried to pull up because the defense wasn't set and tried to throw one to him. So they just weren't on the same page. We had a run play called. I think Sam just saw no one covering Miles and tried to throw it to him, but Miles was doing what he was supposed to do; Miles is going to block that near-high safety.

Q. How do you think Bradford performed before the injury?

CHIP KELLY: I think he was up and down. I think the rush got to us a little bit, but I think the whole offense was like that.

Q. What did you see on the blocked punt?

CHIP KELLY: Looked like another snap issue. And then it looked like they got [S Chris] Maragos, the linebacker on Maragos that came in real quick, and I don't think Chris could anchor well enough. It looked like that was the guy that got his hand on the ball, I think, No. 47 or 42.

Q. How close was T Jason Peters to going?

CHIP KELLY: He wasn't. I don't put a percentage, he just wasn't going.

Q. Is this going to be an issue that's going to keep him out beyond this season?

CHIP KELLY: Not that I know of. I don't know.

Q. You've talked a lot about taking what the defense gives you. Was this just coming down to a question of Miami not giving you guys as much as what Dallas gave you last week?

CHIP KELLY: No, I think we moved the ball. I think we hurt ourselves, and that's what I told our guys. We ran 80 something plays, but we stalled, and I think a lot of it has to do -- I think the penalties kind of put us behind the count where we got an opportunity, we're moving the football, and then obviously a couple of those penalties were just real big drive killers for us, and those are on us, whether it be a hold inside, a hold on the edge. We didn't do a good job, I think, in terms of putting ourselves in situations where we can be successful. We knew we could move the football, and we did. You run that many plays and you have that many yards, but we didn't come away with enough points, and that's on us.

Q. It looked like Sanchez ran the offense appreciably faster than Bradford did. Is there any adjustment for the offense in that regard?

CHIP KELLY: No, I didn't see it that way.

Q. Are you confident in handing the offense off to Sanchez?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, I'm confident in Mark.

Q. You guys had some nice momentum going into the season, building towards it anyway, three out of four.


Q. Obviously it's a setback because it is disappointing, but can you judge how big of a setback it is?

CHIP KELLY: No, and we say it all the time, I think everybody wanted to make last week's game the turning point or whatever, and that's what -- you better come to play every single week in this league, and that's what it's all about. You can flush whether you won or lost when you get back to work on Monday and get ready to go play who your next opponent is because they're going to come gunning for you. And you pick your head up at the end of the season and see if you won enough games to get into the playoffs, and that has always been the way we approach it and always will be the way we approach it.

Q. Are the special teams mistakes too much at this point?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, any time you have a block, we can't have that. Those are momentum-changing plays in a game and that's our second blocked punt of the year. We've got to get that straightened out because we're not going to win when we're doing things like that. We had a blocked punt for a touchdown, we missed a field goal and had way too many penalties on the offensive side of the ball for us to be successful.

Q. The Dolphins seemed to be really hitting the quick slant a lot today. Was that just--

CHIP KELLY: They were running a little rub route when we were in man coverage, so they're picking off the guy that's coming back underneath. So, we've got to make some adjustments in terms of when we're in press and they're trying to pick you, we've got to try to play over the top of the pick or maybe try to run some in-and-out combinations. We ran an in-and-out combination on the goal line, and [S] Malcolm [Jenkins] broke it up. They did the same thing on the goal line, and that was the big break that Malcolm had; we switched off those two receivers. But those other ones were pick plays that we've got to get through the pick or we've got to try to switch it off.

Q. Those times when Bradford's getting hit on pressure, does he have to kind of get rid of the ball?

CHIP KELLY: I'd have to look in terms of which ones you're specifically talking about.

Q. I'm talking specifically about the one where he fumbled it.

CHIP KELLY: We got beat pretty quick, so I think he didn't really get a chance to get to the top of his drop on that one.

Q. You mentioned the concussion; did they say anything to you about the shoulder?

CHIP KELLY: No, they didn't say anything else. They just said he had a concussion and he was out.

Q. On their go-ahead touchdown, the jump ball, was that just bad luck?

CHIP KELLY: Well, it's not good luck the way it is. I think Malcolm was in coverage and had his back to it. I don't think Malcolm even knew, and I can't fault him, I don't think Malcolm even knew the ball was tipped. He's trying to play coverage, and when you're down in the red zone you're trying to play underneath receivers and not on top of them because if you're on top of them and they catch the ball they're already in the end zone. You want to try to stay underneath them so the ball is thrown over. I thought originally he was in good coverage. It was a great play by [LB] Connor Barwin. I've never been a part of a play like that.

Q. What happened with C Jason Kelce's snap that went over Bradford's head?

CHIP KELLY: I mean, it was high. I don't know what happened. I didn't get [to talk] specifically with Jason in terms of what happened, but it was high. Some of those snaps were errant today, and we've got to clean that up because it affects the timing of the offense.

Q. Why were your tight ends so productive today?

CHIP KELLY: We just thought those match-ups for us were something we felt like going into the game [with]. We run the ball a lot with [TE] Brent [Celek] when Brent is in there, so obviously we felt like in play-action pass, we could exploit some things there, and I thought Brent did a really nice job with it. They made some adjustments and played a little bit more man coverage than zone coverage to kind of take some of that stuff away, but we felt like those match-ups on the inside with their linebackers and safeties were to our advantage with our tight ends.

Q. Two weeks in a row you've had the first half go either way based on whether you decided to move the ball or not. What determines whether you're going to try to do that?

CHIP KELLY: Depends on where you are on the field and how many time-outs the other team has. If you go three quick plays and are off the field, then you're turning the ball back over to them, and they have an opportunity to go down and score.

Q. You felt there was enough time to get three today?

CHIP KELLY: The last time we got it? Yeah, we just thought if we could take a shot, get it to mid-field and take another shot, we'd have an opportunity to kick a field goal.

Q. Wasn't Sanchez's interception a lot like what he did last year in those situations?

CHIP KELLY: I'm not thinking about last year. I'm just thinking about today, and it hurt us. We'll work around it, get with him in film and figure out what's going on.

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