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Game Vs. Cowboys: RB Brian Westbrook

On keeping the faith after last week's loss: "I think everybody, their goal was to go out and win this football game. Not worry about what would happen in Tampa Bay and not worry what would happen in Chicago, but to go out there and win this football game and we did that and strange things happen in the NFL."

On how special the experience was today: "It was very special. It's special that all those other things happened, but for us to go out there and put a defensive show on like we did. Offensively, we did very well but our defense ran the show today and I don't know how many points they scored, either 14 or 21, but they did a great job."

On whether he can put his finger on the one thing that opened Pandora's Box today: "I just think that the defense was getting turnovers. Correll Buckhalter came in there and lit it up, in the running game as well as the passing game. You know, our guys wanted it more than they wanted it and that was the biggest difference."

On when he knew the Eagles' destiny was in their own hands: "I think right before the game one of the assistants came up to me and let us know that both the teams had lost that we needed to lose and now it was up to us and we went out there and handled our business."

On the drama early in the season and how the guys are feeling as a team now:"I think now we know what we have. I think we went out today and proved that we can run the ball, we can throw the ball. Donovan (McNabb) had another good game, saved that turnover that I had. In the early part of the game we played pretty well offensively and we moved the ball on the ground and through the air, so for us to be able to do that, we combined it with a great defense the way they were playing. It was going to be tough to stop us."

On whether it was one of the strangest seasons he has been a part of: "Yes. Like I said, wild things happened with us this year with the tie, a couple close losses, and for the last game to come down to this and those good things happen for us with those other two games and then for us to come out here and put up a dominating performance like we did, you can't say enough about it."

On the passion that the team had today: "Well I think that passion, we had it from the beginning. We went out and we moved the ball well, I think that's the key for us. If we go out and move the ball first series, second series, third series, we're going to give ourselves a chance and it gives our defense confidence as well as our offense and we just continue to do that throughout the whole game. And at that point, a team kind of breaks their back a little bit. When your team is doing good and your defense, they can't move the ball on our defense, the defense is getting turnovers on tough downs and the offense is continuing to move the ball. We're getting three's, we're getting touchdowns, it's hard for another team to continue to have faith and confidence in themselves."

On whether knowing they needed to win ratcheted up the energy level: "Well, I think the energy level was high already. We all knew going into the game it was going to be a tough game against a very good football team. I think it definitely took it to a whole other level when we knew we had an opportunity to have really our destiny in our own hands. And we're excited about the game and we're excited about the win."

On whether winning this game would end all speculation about the team in the future:"We're not worried about that. We're worried about the next team that we play. We're not worried about the speculation about what's going to happen next year or Donovan, coach or whoever. We're just worried about the next team we're going to play."

On the atmosphere on the sidelines and in the stadium:"Exciting. I think everybody was kind of surprised how things were going, but you know, things just kept happening good for us and when you have a good team, the ball has to bounce your way at some point. And tonight it did."

On his feelings on meeting former offensive coordinator Brad Childress in the next game: "None at all."

On how he felt coming out of the game physically: "I felt good going into the game and I feel good now. So excited about going to the playoffs."

On what it says about McNabb and FS Brian Dawkins to be able to maintain focus today amid speculation: "Like I said, I think those guys played a very good game. Donovan played a great game. Dawk caused I don't know how many fumbles tonight and that's what we expect from those guys. They never got wrapped up in the speculation. They always focused on what they had to do and they're the leaders of this team and that's what we expect from them."

On the fans being very supportive today: "Well I think that 12th man was there today. And they've always been there for us, but today, they hate Dallas as much as every player in that locker room and they were excited the whole game. We were giving them something to cheer about and they definitely supported us the whole game and if it wasn't for them, I don't know if we could play as hard as we did."

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