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Game Vs. Cowboys: Locker Room Defense

Jamar Chaney, Linebacker

On Stewart Bradley's injury: "I didn't even know he was down. I was running on for the punt return, because it was third down stuff. Then I saw him down and I said 'Oh Lord, here we go. Let's go.' That's the first thing I said."

On preparing to play: "I was ready. I prepared each week like I'm going to play. That's the attitude you got to have. That's for all the backups on the team. When you get your shot, you've got to make sure you go in there and do the job. If you don't do the job in the NFL, they are going to get somebody else to do it."

On his knowledge of the defense:"Our linebacker coach, Coach Shuey, he does a good job of keeping me prepared. We have extra meetings, day of the game, day before the game, just me and him. He makes sure we have the signals down. He does everything he can to make sure we are ready. It's nothing us not knowing, it's just executing the game plan."

Quintin Mikell, Safety

On the second half: "We knew going in that they were a second half team. When they started getting up on us, I felt everybody refocused and turned their game up a little bit."

On the big stops: "We always feel that we can get the ball back to the offense and they will create something with it. We don't want to have the mentality of just keeping them under 30 points. That's not what we want to do. Some of the stuff that we gave up tonight is frustrating. But they are a good team and they made some plays. We turned it up when we needed to, but down the stretch we've got to keep teams out."

On injuries:"Stewart going down was big. Jamar Chaney, he's a rookie, stepped in and played great, He impressed me. He really has not played a whole lot if at all. The way he stepped in and played as well as he did was big."

On injuries, part two: "We have to turn it up. We've always been a team when somebody goes down we have guys step up and make plays. You saw it tonight with Jamar -- he's going to have to hold it down until Stew gets back."

On winning in Dallas:"It's a big win. We were oh-fer down here. It was good to break through that mold to finally get a win down here. Also, keeping the pace with the playoff race. It's a big win for us. That's a good team that we beat. They are out of the playoffs. They are still a good team. They are still playing hard."

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